Friday, May 19, 2006

DUngeons and Dragons I


DUngeons and Dragons!
By VerityINK

Now that I've started getting a lot of hits from DU, and having some of the d'Rats post to me in the manner I rather expected, their mindset goes right to the heart of why I decided to start a blog in opposition to them, in the first place.

Democratic Underground is the premier moonbat blogsite on the Internet. It spouts a variety of opinions--all Leftist--Democrat, Independent, Green party, commies, various anarchists, and malcontents. Suffice it to say that, if you hate America in some manner--and haven't recently voted for a Republican candidate for public office--you'll be welcome there, somehow.

They have a wide variety of forums, but are primarily a political site. The management explains: "Democratic Underground (DU) was founded on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas". They are champions of screwy ideas, love to cater to the most outrageous and half-baked nonsense you'll ever read on the web, and they adore telling people how they feel/what they should think/and what the 'truth' is.

One behavior they DON'T do, however, is LISTEN to the truth; they are positively allergic to hearing any dissenting ideas, penetrating questions, or provable facts. (I've gotten banned just for calling Ted Kennedy fat and quoting Clinton's actual grand jury testimony!) They don't allow ANY of their false-God candidates to be criticized in the slightest way by us mere mortals--and nobody wondering, confused over some issue, or wanting answers--need write in. If you haven't got your mind made up in advance, don't bother to post at DU. You either agree with them, or you're called the devil incarnate and banned.

Despite their quick claims of 'of course we allow all kinds of opinions!', only those with over the magical number of 1000 posts are allowed a controversial, or censuring, opinion. (And don't let a 'newbie' criticize them!) They try hard to weed out those who won't march in lockstep before that point is reached, however, with various baiting tactics, like demanding you take sides and then banning you when you do, and taunting you if you don't answer their questions fast enough, or at all. Any 'wrong' answer will get you branded--rightly or wrongly--as a 'freeper', and soon, you'll get told to 'enjoy your stay'--which really means you won't be staying long, at all.

Every post has a little 'alert' tab, and any poster who doesn't like what's been written can send it to a moderator. If the complaint is made by a sufficiently prestigious poster, you'll be immediately thrown off the board. You're never told why, they won't answer a query about it, and you won't be able to use the same screen name, or email addy, with which to re-register. You'll have to empty your cache and delete your footprints to sign up again--I'd even suggest rebooting your computer before you take the plunge once again.

Why go there/why do I go there? I go there and read because I want to know what the opposition is up to. This is the true face of the Left today--and they are a negative, subversive element in America and should be watched. These are the people who believe that George W. Bush destroyed the WTC and engineered 9/11. They believe he is trying to make this country into a fundamentalist theocracy and that he's going to tear up the Constitution and crown himself the permanent 'King of America' (or even the world). Their heroes are John 'Our-Soldiers-Did-War-Crimes' Kerry, Hugo Chavez's best friend, Cindy Sheehan, 'America Is Worse Than Nazi Germany' Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Fidel Castro-and-his-buddy-Che, Lynne Stewart (defender of blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman), 'Rock-'em Sock 'em' Cynthia McKinney--and literally anybody who professes even the slightest dislike of our President. In fact, the more you dislike him, the more popular you'll be there!

The d'Rats are really hurting this country. They selfishly think that they have a corner on the truth and they don't care if anybody else feels differently, or not. They think they know how the world feels about us, what the muslims feel towards us--and they wouldn't listen to the world, or the muslims, to hear them tell it differently! I have utter contempt for these overgrown babies that can't tolerate any opinion but their own. Their abject cowardice in the face of disagreement with their loony ideas is amazing; if they ever wonder why they're not trusted to lead this country, their feeble behavior ought to give them a clue.


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