Friday, May 19, 2006

Polling, Plotting, and Puling

Polling, Plotting, and Puling
By VerityINK

The next time you read a poll, answer a poll, or applaud a poll you think is going the way you want it to, give it a second--and third--thought. Of course, anybody who knows anything about statistics knows that polls can be skewed, polling questions can be slanted, and nearly any answer can be elicited from those conducting the poll.

The d'Rats, however, have much more planned when answering polls than simply checking a box 'yes' or 'no'. At DU, and all the other Leftist rags, sites, magazines, and blogs, the moment a poll comes up in the mainstream press (MSM), the call goes out amongst the Demsheep to intentionally pad the poll, with as many Leftists votes, as possible. Many of the d'Rats don't care what the issue is, don't care who sponsored the poll--many times, they haven't even read it! They entreat each other to vote the Democrat party line no matter WHAT the poll addresses--as long as it's an issue the Left can support:

Please go vote on the great poll!

Please DU this poll about Gore. It needs help!

Add Your "Voice" To This AOL Poll!

At DU, they call this "DUing" a poll, giving a poll a little "DU luv", and "calling the troops out for a little action" (those are the only troops they'll endorse...!)

The d'Rats want to purposely skew the media so that the people reading about the poll, or hearing the questions and answers announced on the news, will see that the Democrats are furthest ahead. They want ALL of America to believe that conservative issues have lost favor with the people and, to be a winner, they'll need to join the Democrat way of thinking. They're trying to make us feel isolated and removed. They're trying to make the media even more biased than it is--and they're doing it with a lie.

All day long, the d'Rats wax whiney about President Bush allegedly 'lying' to the people--and the 'dreadful' rightwinger-biased news--all the while making SURE the media is as duped and slanted as possible, and that every extra vote is a lie all their own.

Of course, the funniest result in this thing is what the other half of the d'Rats are doing while the first half is skewing the vote: That batch of clever sweethearts is applauding the 'change in the direction of the country', and they're "... really liking the tilt of our universe, right now!'. They don't even realize that the numbers that are so 'making their day' are artificially pumped, plumped, and bumped--and by them! Talk about believing your own advertising!

C. E. Montague said, "A lie will easily get you out of a scrape, and yet, strangely and beautifully, rapture possesses you when you have taken the scrape and left out the lie". It seems that all those atheists and anti-fundamentalists at DU, shoulda tried for a little more 'rapture' after all...

The next time you see a poll that is highly unfavorable to the President, his administration, or any Republican issue, remember that the numbers have, more than likely, been bent out of all proportion. Don't YOU get bent--just say to yourself 'Oh...d'Rat!'!


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