Friday, May 19, 2006

Whose Peace?

Whose Peace?
By VerityINK

Over at DU, they bleat about it more than a Serta mattress commercial sheep: peace marches, peace protests, peace concerts, peace rallies, peace houses--we even, execrably, have a peace 'mom' (as if most mothers advocate violence, instead!) Peace--that's ALL we hear from the d'Rats. Their nostalgia for the 1960's has finally overtaken the majority and they are panting to clog city intersections with their sit-ins, chain themselves to phone poles, and take off from work to camp out at Cindy Sheehan's Crawford 'Peace House'.

In all this busywork, we see just how dedicated the Left is to peace, too, as they print their signs "Dismantle the bomb you fucking idiot!", "BUSH = LIAR MURDERER TERRORIST!", wear their "Impeach Bush!" socks, and applaud crazyman Howard Dean yelping that Karl Rove is "guiltier than Osama Bin Laden!!!".

Of course, all of this is mere prelude and olio. Other places, they are spamming editors with hundreds of letters-to-the-editor, leaving vicious voicemails for congress members, and organizing 'don't-vote-for him/her!' movements for the Dems in office who don't vote the way they think they should. This eventually evolves (or devolves) into those who bootleg the Anarchist's Cookbook, compare prices and working quality of gasmasks, and advocate riding into Washington D.C., storming into the White House, grabbing the President by the upper arm, and literally dragging him out of office!

Here in Seattle, they are content with simply keying our cars that show "W" stickers, and support-the-troops" yellow ribbons, shooting out apt. windows with "Bush" placards, and screaming 'warmongers!!!' at those of us watching the Blue Angels at a Labor Day streetfair. To get a really good dose of leftist 'peace' we have to wait until ELF burns up our new homes, spikes trees to injure our loggers, or tears up and ruins family-owned mink farms.

Elsewhere, things have gotten more interesting with these peaceniks. Around the country, they have torn up voting machines at polling places:

In San Diego, they got into a big rock-throw with police and injured bystanders, too:

And here, not wanting to feel left out and consumed by his angry feelings, some guy drove his car into the mass of people during the recent immigrant rights march:

Yes, all this 'peace' is keeping plenty of police departments mighty busy...

However, fighting for peace is like fucking for abstinence. When you practice the antithesis of what you say you believe in, it's impossible to take you seriously. People PRACTICE what they really believe in. Maybe the d'Rats think they can bash our heads in en route to their utopianist dreamworld of peace everlasting, but that's not how it usually works. I recently told a poster on my site that the 'bitch-slapee is often the bitch-slapped-in-return'. The professional children at DU need to learn to work with the 'other side' instead of tantrum and roar.

Whose peace is this that they continually put forth? Peace for half the country is not peace at all. Demanding something from us that they are not willing to give themselves just paints the d'Rats as feckless children. If they can't be diplomats at home, they'll never be them overseas. That's the greatest 'piece' of what they're giving to America and the world.

Message received.


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