Friday, May 19, 2006

Fill Bill

Fill Bill
By VerityINK

True to their ethical stance, their moral frieze, their no-think about Democrat-right-and-Republican-wrong, the d'Rats have, once again, completely missed the boat about Clinton's Blowjobgate. All I hear from the Leftist rags is Democrat angst about his 'poor little blowjob' (as indeed, it might have been!)

They're so quick to point out that men have affairs 'everyday'--and that the issue should've been kept between him and Hillary. (It really wasn't anyone else's business, you know?) The d'Rats want it seen as some boyish 'prank' or some little stunt worthy of a fraternity house. They cluck their tongues, and 'tsk' their heads back and forth as they pooh pooh any sort of consequences for such acts. They nullify his lying to a grand jury by trying to reduce it to nothingness; there shouldn't have been any consequences for something that didn't really happen, riiiiight?

All the Democrats say we made a mountain out of a molehill. I say that, evidently, was Monica's job..... we're just telling it like it is. Bill Clinton's impeachment, and the wrong it addressed, was about much more than a blow job, an adulterous act--and a lie about it. What he did wrong was so much more than that.

All people in positions of official authority have a duty to the people that hired them--and they have a duty to those over which they have authority. Not only must they lead responsibly, but part of their job is providing an example--one that others may look up to with confidence and trust. In this day and age of political correctness, it has become even more codified. It is called a fiduciary responsibility--and heads of companies breaking its tenets can put their jobs at serious risk.

Just as with teachers and their students, doctors and their patients, CEO's and their secretaries--or presidents and their interns--the people in these one-up/one-down relationships are not on the same footing. The person at the top wields the most power and can easily exploit his or her charges by granting favors and making demands that have nothing to do with their job. They can be unfair, portion work according to favor, sexually harass and abuse, judge good work capriciously, deny advancement, delay a diagnosis, give a failing mark, blackmail, threaten to file bad evaluations, deny a thesis, disallow a promotion--all which can permanently harm another person's life.

Many of the most serious acts have laws forbidding them, sanctions proscribing them, and compensations ameliorating them--but not all. Most of us have worked jobs where the boss has portioned work unfairly, or allowed someone new to climb their way to the top on shallow merit--and how could we complain without appearing to be a mere tattler or teller of tales? There's just nothing we can do about many of these wrongs. There are laws dealing with as many of the others as it can and, for the rest, we have to rely on personal integrity.

Bill Clinton has none--he thoroughly breached the fiduciary relationship between himself and one of his interns. This breach signaled his utter lack of vision and responsibility. It branded him unfit for public office and unworthy of the highest office in the land. It proved he either didn't know the right thing to do--or he didn't care to do it. Monica was one of the 'little people'--someone who didn't even matter. To him, she was just an orifice--her young age, and position as paid subordinate, be damned. His position--and what he owed to us as his employer--obviously didn't matter, either.

Good bosses don't use other people--especially people working under them that can't always say or do anything about it--they don't gratify their own needs without meeting any of their needs, and they don't dupe them into believing a personal love relationship exists when they know in advance that they only want to jam their privates into them.

In a spectacular show of moral stupidity, the d'Rats are totally unmindful of this wrong and the ramifications that lay behind it. It is a infinitesimally small slide from a fiduciary breach that is not addressed legally to one that is. Morally, the wrongs weigh the same. Bill Clinton broke the law by lying to a grand jury. He discarded the duty he owed all of America into Monica's mouth. Hillary may not have been wearing a cloth coat that day (and, hopefully, they won't be coming back!) but William Jefferson Clinton was, indeed, their crook in the White House.


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