Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"There's No Payoff In Calming Down!!!"


"There's No Payoff In Calming Down!!!"
By VerityINK

You just have to love something as exemplifying, and thoroughly prototypical, as the d'Rat piece written below (Ahhhhhh, such 'trooth to powur'!):

It is so wonderfully overdone, overwrought, overemotional--overly silly and overly self-pitying, too. Right from the start, I could easily comment upon the melodramatic mien and ridiculous tone as this 21st-century Camille, at the 'pinnacle of disgust', vents her egoistic point of view (this is HER world--d'Ratworld--dontcha know!)

I could wade through all the hyperbole--'we'd be publicly stoned..kicked in the gut', 'it's killing us', 'who gave us permission to turn off our hearts?'--and deal with the sheer stupidity of it--'the soldier who was forced to torture and kill families in Iraq?', 'he is our Commander in Chief; he is guilty of murder', 'I’m tired of excuses for his every evil whim'--if I weren't so busy trying to figure out the genesis of such complete exaggeration, all the superhyped-flummery, and soggy blubbering. It's just too much!

Human beings don't do ANYTHING without a payoff. It doesn't matter if it's war, sex, running for elected office, going to school, becoming a plumber--or something as small as attending a child's birthday party--there's a payoff to be had or we wouldn't do it. I know our thoughts and deeds are divided into the altruistic, self-centered, or neutral. However, there are reasons behind all the things we do--reasons that benefit us; every quarter we toss into a streetperson's cup is worth far more than twentyfive cents to US--or it wouldn't make the journey.

I have to wonder what the payoff is for the d'Rats to heft such a continual slop bucket... Psychologically, what are they getting out of it?

If you read over at the d'Rat Playhouse, it's easy to see their days are marked by extreme emotions, catastrophe-making, and increasingly negative spin. Everything is a disaster--and we surely are 'living in the end times' (and with no Rapture in sight!) --and it has to be providing them with a powerful psychological boost.

All those feelings, turned up all the way, DO make one feel alive...especially alive--live wire, even. High. They tap into the fiery base that is at the root of our very existence (why do you think 'getting hot' means getting mad--and someone who 'makes us hot all over'--or who IS hot--is usually our love interest or date?) They are important survival tools and they're best found in simple acts and basic emotions.

No need for the ol' Prozac there... When wrapped up in such nonsense, there's no need for us adults to distract ourselves from our less-fun feelings or have to get busy with something and achieve to feel good. We don't have to give ourselves pep talks, pay attention to someone else, or even bear being ordinarily bored. There's little true depression as the field of politics makes for particularly vital dust-ups--and there's no group that seems to need all these excesses more than those d'Rats.

While on such a teddibly, teddibly important mission to save the world from the evils of Bush, the d'Rats can easily tell themselves that their lives are important, dammit! They're doing something. They matter. This time in history matters. Their generation--their time they are convinced--will NOT be forgotten. And--just like all the info commercials today promise--at no cost to them!

The d'Rats want to be warriors with no battle. Oh, they want very much to give the appearance of reporting for duty. They want to stand at attention in the 'good guy' white uniform, and get some Purple Hearts pinned on their chests--and they want everyone to think they are 'in country' for years and years and years, fighting the good fight'--and not just for a short few months...

However, to play at fighting, the d'Rats have picked an 'enemy' that they can get positively rabid about--without that enemy and their feelings about him--ever really affecting him or their own lives. They are not getting mad at their husbands or wives (who could divorce them), or their parents (who could become estranged), or their bosses (who could fire them), or their neighbors (who might make their lives miserable), or their friends/kids/schoolmates/co-workers/acquaintances--all of whom could possibly hurt them.

No, the d'Rats get all the razzle-dazzle of being mad--and none of the consequences of really being at war. They certainly won't ever have to truly enlist in a real military that fights (what soldier can fight on two fronts at once? The d'Rats are too busy trying to 'take back this country'!) Being angry at George W. Bush will always mean that they can talk battlefields and wear Birkenstocks. They never have to see any other threat, any different enemy against whom they must arm themselves.

In the movie The Usual Suspects, it was said that 'The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist'... Actually, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was in convincing the world he was someone else.

George W. Bush isn't the enemy and this country isn't falling apart. The Sancho Panzas of the political world need to climb off their horses, put away this senseless bleating and, instead, report for a duty the rest of us have been at for years.


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