Friday, May 19, 2006

The Question They CAN'T Answer

The Question They CAN'T Answer
By VerityINK

I just love those impotent d'Rat! They bleat, repeat--or delete--but they'll do anything to avoid answering the very questions upon which their nonsensical ideology is supposedly based. In the last six months, I've tried numerous times to ask a simple question, in nearly one-word syllables, but their continual non-response has rung as hollow as a bat cave with no bats...

In response to the d'Rats continual gnashing of teeth and rending their clothing over the 'destruction of the Constitution', all their 'lost rights', and the 'fascist' society in which they say they are now *forced* to live, I've simply asked them "What specific rights did you use to have that you, now, no longer have?" Tell me, explain it to me...

I said their examples had to be concrete, and they had to be something they could prove (no imaginings that they were being followed by the FBI if they had no evidence of it, for instance).

The d'Rats, of course, immediately launched into tomes longer than "War and Peace". They all started with 'If-I-were-arrested...', 'If-I-were-held-at-Gitmo...', 'If-I-called-overseas...' and ended with '... I'd-have-no-representation', '... I'd-be-held-indefinitely', and '... my-wires-would-be-tapped'. (Bless their hearts--they think they are important enough for all that!) I had to tell them, 'No, no, no--NOT hypotheticals, NOT worst-case-MIGHT-happens, NOT whatever fevered branches of paranoia your 'is-this-good-enough-for-a-screenplay?' minds can reach for--I wanna know about your REAL LIVES.

(Cricket chirp.......chirp....................chirp; I evidently needed to make it REEEELLY easy for them...)

I said okay; let's just have you fill in the blanks:

1). "I have lost the right to ____________________".

2). "Because of this, I can no longer ____________________".


1). "I have lost the right to peaceably assemble".

2). "Because of this, I can no longer meet with my local political party".

Sounds simple enough, right? According to the d'Rats decrepit style in which they now must live under President Bush, and their tremendous loss of freedoms about which they continually complain, you'd think these two questions would be easily filled out and answered--repetitively so...(surely ad nauseam!) Then why in the heck could not ONE d'Rat, Democrat party member, leftist, liberal--anarchist, communist--give me one damned answer??? I asked these questions many times, in many places, of many people. If THEY are right--and 'life as we've known it is over'--WHY CAN'T THEY ANSWER THIS?

EVERY American citizen--especially those of voting age--needs to ask themselves that question. Therein will be found the perfect definition of the the term 'propaganda'; they haven't lost their 'rights'--I don't care what their poisonous ideology tells them and what they choose to believe--what they've really 'lost' is their marbles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must remember that a right lost to one is lost to all.
-- William Reece Smith, Jr

With that logic I should be ok with slavery of black people because Im white and I still retain me freedom.

10:01 PM  
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