Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Obamaria--"I Feel Pretty"


Obamaria--"I Feel Pretty"
By VerityINK

We are watching the rise-to-fame-flame that is Obama. Like a rocket newly launched, we can't help but crane our necks as it leaps into the sky, better to see if it will flame out and burn up, and fall back into the ashes. But the thing that will bring Obama down is the same thing that has always brought the gods down--their own hubris.

Obama has made a fateful mistake--one that few understand he's made: He has shown the world that he believes his own advanced billing, he reads his own press notices, he is swayed by the publics' opinion of him.

Before this 2008 election season warmed up, before the MSM started playing it's elaborate game of "oh-you-so-wonderful!", Obama was in no mind to run for the presidency. No, he, quite rightly concluded in 2004, it was, I think, that he was 'too young', too 'inexperienced'; he, himself, proclaimed he 'did not know the ways of Washington'. That soon changed however, and he showed the public a fateful thing; we could tell him who he was--and he'd believe us!

One of the things the Left hates George W. Bush for--probably the most egregious thing he's done--has been to show the public that he is impervious to their demands, their influence. He is guided by a wholly different template. President Bush has shown that he does not read a lot of the press about himself, he doesn't listen to the MSM--he's even told them that 'their opinions don't inform his political thoughts'! LOL! That why he pisses them off so completely.

The public-at-large would much better like a flipflopper like Kerry (before it, before he was against it), or a lip-biter like Clinton (not sure what 'is' is), or a ditherer like Edwards (hiring/firing/rehiring staffers) than someone over whom they have no influence.

The only real power the people have (apart from our collective power at the polls) is the power to bulldoze public opinion. How delicious it evidently is to get a Joe Biden on the dais, gabbling out one 'clean black' apology after another, while Hillary backs up and continually reparks her position on Iraq hoping for a better n' better space, and Edwards can't even handle hiring a non-sewer derivative blog staff! The public loves to see the contradictions in such things. It loves to see the power it has in influencing how politicians act--even how they feel about themselves!

And so it is with Obama. We have taken this young man and brought him from a position of not wanting, or feeling ready for the presidency, to completely over-estimating himself. We've shown him who has the real power when you're in the public eye. We've let him know that as long as he listens to us, we will make or break him--and unfortunately, he has acquiesced. Like a marionette, we hold his strings. He doesn't know it yet, but he will find out, that those strings can quickly move from one hand to the other.

The shame of it is is that we need a man to be president who already knows who he is and does not listen to the media, public opinion, or games of "gosh-he's-great!" Oh, such a man will be hated for that characteristic--as they always are--but that is what America needs. Audacity and hope are just other words for the brash wishful thinking that is Barack Hussein Obama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very astute reading of this young man! Everything you said was right. We really can't afford a Dem President, much less one who doesn't yet have a strong sense of self. Has anyone EVER gotten this far with fewer specific policies?


4:38 PM  
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