Monday, December 31, 2007

Democrat Destruction: Why They Want Us To Lose


Do Democrats Really Want Us to Fail in Iraq?
By Adam G. Mersereau

Any time our government takes us to war, there is bound to be strong disagreement, but Iraq has been particularly divisive. At times it seems as if some Americans -- certain liberal Democrats in particular -- are eager to declare or even hasten our defeat.

Our missteps in Iraq have been numerous enough to discourage any patriot. Yet leading Democrats are beyond the point of discouragement. They are pessimistic; even hopeless. They have been this way for a long time.

At the first sign of difficulty, they deemed the war a mistake and victory impossible. They quickly adopted the language of defeat and surrender. Some declared the surge a failure before it began and General Petraus a liar before he uttered a public word about its effects. Others are quick to believe reports of alleged atrocities by our own troops, as if seeking an American disgrace. Now, leading Democrats seem to believe that recovery from past mistakes is impossible, and that any hint of success can be only illusory.

Why do so many Democrats cling so tenaciously to hopelessness, failure and despair in Iraq, even in the face of important recent successes?

The reason for this defeatism among Democrats lies beneath mere power politics, electioneering or disdain for President Bush. The real source of defeatism is rooted deep within the liberal mind.



Blogger CHOMP said...

"...eager to declare or even hasten our defeat." What idiocy!

Dems will accept their own throat's cut by terrorists just to see defeat of their own country.

Does this make any sense?


7:07 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Sis, they think they're special, that our fears will not be realized and, if they are, THEY won't be the ones to suffer; why, the terrorist will just SEE that they are good peoples!

They think, if they just speak slowly and clearly enough, as if to a wide-eyed, dim child, the terrorists will u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d them and suddenly give up all of their dreams of conquering the west. They think (and many of them don't even know that they think this) it will only be the conservatives that will be destroyed--and they desperately want that--so, quasi-unwittingly--they help them.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

You're right, boss. Remember, the Dems are owned by the far left. And the far left within in terms of "feelings", not reality. And their "feelings" tell them a rapist can be stopped by just talking to him. Ditto for a thief, a murderer, and of course, a terrorists.

Even Whoopi said that once while being interview by Bill O'reilly. She stated; "I know that (about evidence) but I feel ........... so I have to go with my feelings."

Of course that's the way to run a country, eh? It's all about "feelings."

11:25 PM  

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