Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"I Don't WANNA Calm Down!"

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"I Don't Wanna Calm Down!"
By VerityINK

Actually, the title is "No, I Won't Calm Down", and it is the most execrable, over-emotive, silly display of pathos, bathos--that works it's way right up to 'laughos'--that is the very essence of the Democrat party today. Never better does the d'Rat Parade-Of-the-Elephants lumber than at DU; poster 'dancingAlone' was in high form--and had plenty of company. I include the entire post here, even though it runs long, because it it simply so unbelievable:

"I can barely breathe I’m so upset. I just can't stand another second of quietly listening to, to - all of it. There's so much shit I can't put "it" into one comprehensible sentence.

What the hell is wrong with us? How much longer are we going to quietly put up with "it", brush "it" all off, act as if "it's" not happening, turn our backs because "it" doesn't concern us? Why aren't people screaming? I'll tell you why. People are too afraid of losing what they think they deserve. Money and power are far more important. And for the people who would scream, if we did scream - if we actually stood up in front of real people and screamed we would be publicly stoned. We’d be ridiculed, laughed at, kicked in the gut. We would suffer. Our families would suffer. And what would we have accomplished? Some of our lives are already bad enough. Why would we want to make it worse?

But the more pressing question is what will happen if we don't scream? We're stuck between a rock and a hard spot - exactly as planned, exactly where they want us and it's killing us. As I quietly stuff my rage I am dying inside. Shit is flying at me from every direction and I don't know what to do about it. I know if I get one more patronizing "calm down" from my future-ex I'll kick him in the nuts right in front of my kids. I swear. He tells me to stop investing so much of my time in something I can't do anything about. He tells me to stop being so “angry”. He calls me crazy, paranoid and dramatic. He has made me feel like I’m the sick mental patient for speaking up and becoming emotional and he calls himself a democrat! He’s one of us and he’s using the same sleazy right wing tactics to control his world - to control me so I don’t upset his world.

I don't know if our country was this filthy 20 years ago - that I was just too young and stupid to see or if we've reached the pinnacle of disgust. I don't know if it's my motherhood that is making it so utterly painful for me or if maybe I am overly emotional like the ex says but I know I can't calm down.

Things are so bad that we look at what yesterday was a crime as just protocol today. Why aren't people demanding that their votes be counted? Why? Are we all going to meander on down to cast our votes in the next election with the assumption that someone else has magically fixed the problem or that stealing votes is just okay? Have people forgotten the shock and tears of the 2004 election? We were taken for a fucking ride. I held my tears back for days only because I was too busy being strong and trying to explain a world I no longer understood, myself, to my 18 year old who had campaigned and voted for the first time in her life. Trying to console her while she wept openly over the phone the next morning unable to face all the repukes at her job.

This young woman got out and did more than most of America even thinks of doing. She got my ass on a plane to DC for the March for Women's Lives which, for the uninformed, was the biggest March in American history - the very biggest – over 1,000,000 strong and very much about the shrub. I got my first "Anybody But Bush" button there - before most had ever seen one. It was a monumental event - it was huge and most of America still has no clue it ever took place. The fucking Promise Keepers made headline news for days with their pathetic march. The Promise Keepers! The March for Women was written up in just a few papers and covered only by C-span. That's it. That's all.

And after that march my daughter came back home and put her ass on the line again and again. She held her head high and never wavered. She carried the message to her college campus - to her work place. So bright - so intelligent - so courageous - she stood up and spoke out about what she knew in her heart to be truth and the fuckers kicked her in the teeth. They kicked us all in the teeth. But that's history now isn't it? And there are bigger injustices to ignore.

I see the tiny hand sticking out of the rubble. My heart bleeds. I've never understood "bleeding heart liberal" so well. Yes, I am one. I can't help it. I see the bloodied limp body of an Iraqi child and without thought I see one of my own children lying there and I weep. I see the faces of a mother and father whose son or daughter has come home in a flag draped casket and I feel their horrible despair in my heart, the pain I've known in my own life after losing someone I've loved so dearly. And the soldier who was forced to torture and kill families in Iraq? I think of my son. Would my little boy be able to stand up to such evil? His life would forever be destroyed. Who, in their right or even insane mind could even think of slaughtering any family, of any race or color, in any country? And what sick fuck would force a child to do their evil, sick work for them? Who would do that to an innocent young man? I imagine being that boy's mother and I rage! I feel like a wounded, screaming animal right now. What the fuck are we doing? Where is the media? Where is the outrage? What has happened to humanity? Who gave us permission to turn off our hearts?

If I had forced a boy to torture and then slaughter a family I would be in jail now, awaiting trial – bail denied. Why is the pig in the white house free to walk and talk and spread despair? I ask you, why? I’m tired of excuses for his every evil whim. He is our Commander in Chief. He is guilty of murder. He needs to go straight to jail. Now. No excuses. No more chances. No more trying to convince ourselves that black is white and wrong is right. No more. We’re becoming immune to ever bigger atrocities with each one we brush off. And he smirks.

I’m sorry for going on so long. I’m just so very angry and there are a thousand more injustices I want to scream about. I know I’m preaching to the choir and I just thank you, Choir, for listening and understanding."

Scroll up for my reaction piece...


Blogger nanc said...

looks like she forgot her midol. oh yeah, and her paxil...her ex-lax...but definitely not her b.c. pills!

dear God - i pity the person who tells me to calm down. but i'm above whining about it.

morning donal!

6:10 AM  
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