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A Problem Of Their Own Making

Nanny Hunt Can Be a ‘Slap in the Face’ for Blacks

Last month, Jennifer Freeman sat in a Chicago coffee bar, counting her blessings and considering her problem. She had a husband with an M.B.A. degree, two children and a job offer that would let her dig out the education degree she had stashed away during years of playdates and potty training.

But she could not accept the job. After weeks of searching, Ms. Freeman, who is African-American, still could not find a nanny for her son, 5, and daughter, 3. Agency after agency told her they had no one to send to her South Side home.


Numerous black parents successfully employ nannies, and many sitters say they pay no regard to race. But interviews with dozens of nannies and agencies that employ them in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Houston turned up many nannies — often of African-American or Caribbean descent themselves — who avoid working for families of those backgrounds. Their reasons included accusations of low pay and extra work, fears that employers would look down at them, and suspicion that any neighborhood inhabited by blacks had to be unsafe.

Though this article ultimately makes it's point, it takes an awfully long time to leave the impression that it is not whites who are responsible for this problem. This is a problem of the black community's own making.

The first thing I'd look at as a white person, in babysitting a black child, is the inevitable screams of 'racisms!' that I'm afraid would be bandied about every time the child got disciplined by me. How long would it take before the child would figure out he could get rid of, or actually punish, a nanny he didn't like simply by saying 'Mommy, she called me a nigger!'? What white person would want to set themselves up for the resulting personal injury lawsuit and damage to their personal reputation?

Black parents seem predisposed to believe their child over ANY other available authority, eyewitnesses, and the facts in the case. How many Mummias and OJs, Michael Jacksons, Tawana Brawleys etc. have we seen--with the black community, en masse, saying 'they din do it'? How many news broadcasts, episodes of Highway Patrol, have we seen wherein a black person guns down a cop, or is carrying drugs, or some such, and his people are clawing at the police, screaming at his arrest--usually with his mom in the lead--bellowing 'he din do it!'?

When a white person is involved with black person, I have NEVER seen, heard about, or read of a situation where the black person believed something a white person told them over that of another black person. To think a white person being the nanny of a black child--with all the issues of discipline, housekeeping, rebellion, etc. that come up--it's only common sense to think there'd be the possibility of huge problems. That's a problem black people have made for themselves.

As is the problem/perception of crime in black communities. Why, when we turn on the news, as the article states, why DO we see so many minorities committing crimes? We can watch any news broadcast, riot, read any newspaper, see any episode of COPS, Cold Case Files, Houston/Dallas/Detroit SWAT--even Dog the Bounty Hunter--and one minority, many times black, is brought before us.

Of course, the Leftist flipdips will scream 'biased reporting!'--but crime stats do not support this (and I sure haven't noticed the media being so terribly rightwing that they'd gladly take up the racist cause of reporting ONLY minority crimes. The media is only too happy to hide racial aspects when it's black-on-white crime, or to point out 'hate crimes' when it's the other way around.)

If black people don't want their communities branded as unsafe, then they need to make them safer--that's a no-brainer. You'd think all the bars on the windows I see on the homes--even those of wealthy blacks--ought to tell them something about their own people. It sure isn't whites that sneak into black areas of town to do crime undetected!

It was very funny that the article said that a certain nanny agency wouldn't send nannies to Prince Georges County, Maryland; THAT'S WHERE UPTOWNSTEVE, Steve Vaughn, of FPM fame, lives! LOL! While at FPM, he constantly touted his community as being just shy of the Kennedy's Hyannisport--how rich and safe it was, all chock-full of wealthy-as-snot black people. It seems this nanny agency could tell him a thing or two about his fellow blacks because they sure don't want to work there!

As far as blacks seeming like arrogant, unfair, 'uppity' employers to other blacks--that's a perception of which they alone are in control. In this oh-so-correct PC era, we whites walk on eggshells around blacks and other minorities, for problems they have made for themselves. Their self-stoked delicate sensibilities and their constant sense of supposed 'outrage' over every miniscule episode they can glean from every itty-bitty, meaningless social interaction has consequences.

I would prefer not to hire a black person, were I in business, because who on earth would want a whiney, snivelly UptownClown on their hands--ready to drop a lawsuit on your desk for some manufactured 'insult', or doing as little as possible so he didn't work one whit harder than the white coworker next to him? (And then, just TRY and fire him if that work wasn't up to par, or he was doing less than his white coworkers!) Who wants someone like that working for them who massages and magnifies every personal abridgement of what he thinks his rights ought to be, and who is watchdogging every social interface? It'd just be simpler, less of a headache, to hire someone white.

I'd sure hate having a black BOSS who was so easily offended. Maybe the nannies--white and black--think so, too.


Anonymous bobcat said...

I can't help but think you're right, Donal. Blacks want to act out and be thugs and then be thought well of. Even their own people don't always think well of them, apparently. Well, they know the truth about thier own - better than we could!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

African Americans are often their own worse critics. There are many good African Americans who are trying to make a living and a positive contribution to society, there are thugs and criminals, but most of these people come from poor backgrounds, and when one looks at the Economic level, no matter a persons skin, the more poor you are the more likely you are to commit a crime.

I feel bad for this Woman, here she is trying to pull herself out of the gutter, and her own people buy into the stereotypes.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

True story: I worked with a black nurse who, being one of the only ones in the ER, was being promoted against his will. He had no interest in being a manager, and told the boss, who basically said "tough."

He quit, and told them he had no wish to be their affirmative action case.

Thank the left for this cultural climate.

9:46 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ROB, Yes, there's more crime among the poor--but I don't buy it that criminals are the 'oppressed underclass'. Crime is a MORAL question as much as it is a legal question. It's about character--not how much is in your wallets--MLK knew THAT.

If that were true, then these poor oppressed kids are not using their thugery or thievery to buy their mom a house or put themselves through college. They don't use this 'start up capital' to start a legal business--and much of black-on-black crime involves murders and drive-bys. How do they help raise a person out of poverty? No, there IS original sin; some folks LIKE to be criminals--doesn't matter if they're rich or not.

In the Depression, there was not a huge upsweep in crime even though that could be said to be one of our poorer times in recent history. I just don't believe that should be used as an excuse.

10:42 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

BROOKE--Wow--that tells it all!

10:43 AM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

It is a moral problem, some of the most egregious crimes are being committed by teens from middle and upper classes!
Like the Mendoza brothers who murdered their parents. Or the 2 shooters at Columbine. Or the Kennedy cousin who beat his neighbor to death with a golf club!


11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donal, there is no doubt there are some bad people in this world (never mind the race), but i refuse to lump all people into one category. The truth is when you take a group of people who already feel oppressed, and than add being poor to the scenario, crime is going to happen, sure Crime is a moral question, as far as crime goes, crime is committed by both Whites and Blacks. Most pedophiles are white, would the same people stereotyping black as criminals, be willing to stereotype all whites as Pedophiles? No, absolutely not.

This to me is a question of being fair and being honest, not all blacks are criminals, and it's shameful when people buy into these stereotypes.

I'm a firm believer in that ones social status can make them more likely to commit a crime, when one thinks he/she has nothing to live for, than there are no reasons to have any kind of morals, because maybe prison is better than living on the street.

11:28 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

TMW--Menendez bros, LOL!

12:24 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

I appreciate your take on things ROB, and you may come here and say what you like because you're a great guy, but I disagree with you 100%.

As woman, so often, our saftey IS dependent upon lumping people together. If you don't do that then we have to constantly makes evaluations about people and situations--and with inadequate information.

Sure, not every man is a rapist, I know some wonderful men!

However, I would be worse than stupid if I got on an elevator in our building in downtown Seattle alone with a man. I do NOT have the time and energy to get to know each one to find out who they are, and what they are about--who is nice and who is not. So I stay out of ALL elevators where a lone man and myself are the only riders.

With black people, it's the same. Yes, I realize that it's unfair of me to not want to hire a black person, or take care of their kids--but the REASONS why I feel that way are rooted in black behavior. If they want me to see them differently, then they need to act differently.

Also, our justice system SHOULD NOT be used as therapy. Feeling bad about one's station in life--and using that as an excuse to justify being a criminal is absolutely WRONG.

I WILL NEVER believe using 'bad feelings' to excuse crimes and criminals is right. It's about character--not how bad you feel that day. If you want to feel better about who you are, DO something positive, accomplish something. THAT'S what builds good feelings--NOT stealing or murder!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We disagree to a point on this issue, and i want to thank you for having a open forum for discussion.

I agree with you that you should not get on a elevator alone with a man, thats a matter of personal safety, your feelings about blacks, is your feelings, i disagre with you on that issue, but that is fine, people and friends disagree on some issues.

I also agree with you, that people should do something positive with their lives, not blame their color, you economic standings, none of these things should be used as a crutch or reason, only thing i offer is what i believe to be attributing factors, to such things as crime, as i believe it has less to do with Color.

God Bless you Donal!

12:45 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you ROB. I AM aware that how I feel is unfair. That doesn't change how I feel, unfortunately.

I admire your generosity of spirit!

12:59 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

P.S. You're right, class DOES make a difference. It's about culture, not skin color. Unfortunately, blacks have not always worked on improving their character, so skin color gets tied into that, whether that's fair or not.

The culture of black America DOES commit a huge number of murders of other blacks, one fourth winds up in prison, and the women have nearly an 80% illegitimacy rate. Poor whites aren't nearly that bad off.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no more uglier,more vicious racism among any group than the racism practiced by said group. In particular,as has been my experience,Carribean/Haitian blacks and American blacks dislike and mistrust each other intensely. American blacks hate the carribeans because,in short,they ''act white''.i.e,they believe in getting an education and making something of themselves and they do not buy into the ''victimology that American blacks do and for their part Haitian/Carribean blacks see American blacks as lazy,crimminally prone and irresponsible. Yes,there is no hatered more intense and unqunenchable than the hate of ones self. Johnnymac.

3:27 PM  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Donal..brave post and right on spot!!

3:41 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you, Angel, that means a lot to me!

1:38 PM  

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