Monday, May 22, 2006

You Can Pay Your Debt Next Weekend

You Can Pay Your Debt Next Weekend
By VerityINK

Though I have no great love for television, we saw a wonderful show tonight that I had to write about. It came on HBO--it aired right before the Sopranos came on--and it was called "Baghdad ER". At first, I thought it was about Iraqis being operated on by our military doctors (in the past, I had seen news shows about kids being helped, and the hands of those 5 Iraq businessmen that Saddam chopped off, being restored) but I was wrong; the show was about our wounded soldiers being operated on in Iraq--and I recommend that everyone watch it when it comes on again.

Everyone should see "Baghdad ER", not only to be reminded of the sacrifice our doctors and soldiers overseas are making, but also to counteract the tremendous dis-information campaign the d'Rats are trying to disseminate to the world. These DU-Traitors-To-America are trying their best to convince the multitudes that our soldiers don't really want to be in Iraq--that they don't believe in Iraq, or have faith in what we're trying to do there. They think the majority of our soldiers are just silly, stupid, dupes--boys that REALLY meant to simply enlist in the National Guard because they 'couldn't find any work'--and that they were completely fooled into being shipped to Iraq.

The d'Rats want us to believe that our own soldiers have only a very grudging sort of belief in America's message of independence and freedom (that IS, after all, a "Republican" message), and that they'd just as soon not be sent overseas at our nation's behest. They think that we shouldn't be in Iraq or Afghanistan--or anywhere else--that we don't belong there, and that nobody in the world really WANTS our presence on their country.
(Tell that to Rwanda, Darfur , WWI AND WWII France, Blitzkreig England, Communist Russia, Hitler's Germany--the Iron Curtain etc....)

The Democrat party wants the MSM to report that every enthusiastic photo op with the President or Donald Rumsfeld is simply one more order the troops have to follow, and that we're not really a country that holds liberty and human rights to be 'self-evident'--except for our elitest, greedy little selves. They don't want us to be liked, they don't want us to be respected--they don't want our troops to be greeted with anything other than the same disdain, scorn, and derision they themselves feel.

No, try as they may hide it, the d'Rats think that, to like our troops means you have to like America, and to like America means you have to like what we're doing in Iraq, and to like what we're doing in Iraq means you have to like the Republicans and President Bush--and we can't have THAT, now can we? To them, every Iraqi face that turns away from ours, every cuss word directed our way, every mouthful of spittle shot toward our men in uniform, is slime smeared on the face of President George W. Bush himself--the very visage they SOOOO wish they could spit on themselves. (With their poisonous, seditious mindset, I nearly believe I'd hear mag barg Amrika out of the mouth of a D'RAT before I'd ever hear it from the mouth of an Iraqi...)

The Democrat d'Rats think our soldiers, of course, feel the same way. With the prescience and superior knowledge for which they give themselves such airs, they feel they just HAVE to know that the fighting men feel TERRIBLY rooked, SO defrauded--like SUCH fools; they must be gnashing their teeth against this country, counting the days until they can get out of the military, and wiping the sneer from their faces everytime they're in range of FOX news cameras with a view of the Stars & Stripes...right? I mean, they've had to be badgered into fighting--fooled, jollied along, lied to--or they wouldn't BE in Iraq...right?

That sure as heck wasn't what I saw.

In "Baghdad ER", and in countless news shows, Mail Calls, letters home, notes to newspapers and magazines, phone calls, reports from service organizations, conversations with doctors and priests--those aren't the men I see. The men who stood in their desert camouflage in silent tribute to their brothers who were on those operating tables... the men who were in blood up to their elbows trying to save another life... the men who, though they wore the caduceus, wore the uniform of this country FIRST... the men who carried the litters with the men recovering, or the fallen dead--and the men who were laying there wounded--were not the cowards, the dupes, the fools the d'Rats would have the world believe they are.

THOSE men who stood under the American flag, THOSE men who were on their feet for hours--the longest parts of whole days--to save another American life, THOSE men who called the priest over and blessed their brother's time on earth--knew the sacrifice he'd made and sent him to heaven with their hands on him gladly. THOSE men who'd seen it all, and done it all--and took the worst of it and suffered so--went to their recovery rooms and their rehabs. They had their blood staunched, their wounds sewn shut, their eyes restored, learned to use their prosthetic limbs and--for most who did not go home for the last time--they joined their brothers to fight by their sides again.

The d'Rats don't know these men. They don't know what they are doing--and they don't know what they're about. Maybe they know piddling little anti-American fools like themselves, who don't know what it means to be American, and can't see past the weak definitions in their own minds--but they don't know my men, my soldiers, my country--and they don't know my President, either.

Everyone needs to see "Baghdad ER"; go and see some real men--and the doctors who take care of the ones who defend us ALL.


Blogger nanc said...

excellent review, donal. we don't get hbo so don't know if i'll ever see it, but it's good to know somebody is monitoring these events.

i get sick to tears hearing about natalie holloway day in and day out on fox news. not to minimize her disappearance mind you - but her parents are the appeasing sort who sent their little girl off and lost her. what do they think spoiled kids do after graduation or on spring break? nitwits.

there is a guy at autonomist who is their man in iraq - orangeducks - you may remember him from mbc. excellent reporting from that side of the world and the other side of the story - check his articles out sometime.

morning to ya!

6:28 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thank you, Nanc!! Your kind words--and those of JohnnyMac--sure do encourage and uplift a gal! They really mean the absolute world to me--I feel just swell; I'd really do anything I could to support our wonderful troops. I respect them so much. Thank you for making me feel like I had a chance to do that!

Top o' the morning to ya both!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous ZinLA said...

Sounds good, Donal. Most anything like soldiers in hospitals is portrayed with the clear hope and attempt to have the message "and our poor kids don't deserve this...bring them home now". Yes, we should bring them home..when they are finished.

nanc mentions natalie holloway and she's so right...on and ON and on. ANother thing bugged me BIG time last week...we have a war and all its implications to deal with, we have illegals demanding their rights and our gov't giving in, we
have SO much that's so timely and so important, and they talked half the week about a forest bill....every time I put on CSPAN, it was senators (or congressmen, i'm not sure which house it was in) talking about the forest bill.

Not that I'm against trees, just makes you NUTS!!

WE HAVE PROBLEMS HERE, FOLKS...Let's do the trees later, OKAY!?

what a way to start the week. grrr

Am hearing Republican pollster Karen Hanretty at a luncheon here in LA today...will let you know if she says anything new or interesting.. Just call me your on the spot reporter for The DU d"RAT Review!!!

9:16 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ZINLA--What a great reporter you'd make, too! LOL! Yes, and the tree thing here bothers me even more than most; they grow so quickly here, in just 2-3 years, we can barely see the city from the windows of our old apt.! We don't have ANYTHING to worry about in Seattle!

11:02 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...


I trust our MEN to KNOW when it's time to come home--they aren't a sack lunch passively getting packed to go!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous ZinLA said...

Well, just got back from the luncheon..only fifty Republican woman representing a VERY large area: malibu, Bel AIr and the Valley...depressing. Sat next to a Schwarzenegger minion/he works for his campaign.....Karen Hanretty arrived very late because she'd come in via Sacramento and Cheney's plane held them up!! My friend, Mike, who came with me leaned towards me and said "Sure, blame Cheney again!" we had to laugh!!

She is brilliant. But she's an independent conservative Republican and not all Republicans will like what she had to say. She is trying to get Republicans to get away from the ECONOMY GOLDSTANDARD Clinton started "It's the economy, stupid" and get back to gay marriage, illegal amnesty, etc etc., especially in a time of good economy!! She's right...everything seems to revolve around ECONOMICS, when we haven't done this well in years..why keep harping on the economy!? It's like a smoke screen. The illegal problem, she went on, is about VALUES...we're closing good emergency rooms and paying high insurance rates because we're picking up their tab, our public schools are suffering because we're paying for illegals, etcetc..and all those things are FAMILY VALUES. She's not what she calls an elitist, and hinted that she feels the WSJ is...very interesting...I adored her, got to talk for a while after her speech, before we left, and thought she's terrific...a real cautionary tale; as much as she likes Bush and the White House guys, she's very right in saying we have to get back to values and get off the ECONOMY thing..that's a Clinton invention and that not ALL in life is about economy...We need English as our language, we need borders, we need a lot that we're not getting. I think what she's basically about is getting back to conservative roots, not conservatism for good people, demand better candidates, etc.

So, Christiane Amanpour here in Bel Air, covering the Hanretty LUncheon!!!.."over and out"

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're very right about our troops Dona.They're a breed apart from most Americans know.Duty,honor,country still exsist and our men and women in Iraq and Afganistan are very upset and angry about how they're being portrayed sand hearing this clap-trap about the mission THEY ARE ACCOMPLISHING!Looking out across the landscape(or wasteland) of academia,filled with so many self-righteous,obnoxious little Hitler Youth(the D'Rats etc.) I'm reminded of something my oldest brother,a former Marine Corps 1st lieutant(5th.Marines,3rd.battalion)said about this kind of ''opposition''said,"They ain't worth the powder it would take to kill 'em''J'Mac

7:08 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ZINLA--Thanks, hon! I'm sure glad you can go to such things. Up here in staunch LibbyLand, they're all d'RAT-Doings, and I can't stand to partake!

I don't know how I feel about the Republican independ. position. I agree though, it's NOT all the economy. (The d'RATS are quick to make THAT the distaff ping-pong issue when they've finished bleating about the war for the day...)

Thanks for being my own personal Roving Reporter!

7:17 PM  
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