Friday, May 19, 2006

Free Speech Or Freely Selfish?


Free Speech Or Freely Selfish?
By VerityINK

Cosmopolitan thinkers though they suppose themselves to be--'world travelers' they love to brag--the posters at DU continually show that it seemingly hasn't done them a bit of good. They believe all peoples of the world think the same way--and more importantly--hear and understand the same things in exactly the same manner.

"Free speech!, free speech!", the d'Rats continually screech. They are sure they know their rights, they demand their rights, and they're so certain they are entitled to them that they scarcely think consequences have any right to follow. These dippy utopianists are sure that ALL humans understand these rights--even humans that they feel couldn't possibly want the freedoms we hold dear.

With this sort of mindset, the d'Rats go blithely on their way calling our President a 'moran', declaring they won't wear red, white, and blue, posting our national anthem in other languages, marking their foreheads with a 'Bush 666', and applauding the mother of one of our fallen soldiers standing side-by-side with Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, who just signed an 'Anti-American Pact' with two other countries (Bolivia and Cuba).

They feel oh-so-entitled to do it; they have the right of free speech, dontcha know! To the Left, their own rights are more important than any other consideration in the world.

Those at DU, and in other Leftist circles all over America--the people who think they are so savvy and compassionate--never stop to consider the ears that hear such things, the eyes that see them, the impact of their actions. If the d'Rats give it any thought at all it is to reassure themselves that they are doing a good thing and that will be automatically understood (gee, they might even get an award!).

These people don't consider if America has enemies or not. Indeed, they think every enemy we have is our fault and that, thus, we control ALL things. They don't think about the human mind that could view us from outside our borders and plan to do us harm. Even after 9/11, the d'Rats are no more mindful of the ways of the world--how it's always been--since man first walked. They don't seem to know that, when man walked, man warred--and war is first begun--not when a man picks up a gun or knife--but when he sits calmly, looks for weakness, and coldly considers what harm he may do to others for his own advantage.

These Democrat party members, these DUers, these neochildren are so self-absorbed that they never think all their lousy words and venomous acts send the very message ANY enemy is waiting to hear. No, they say their enmity is only for President Bush--not for America--and they don't see that 99.99% of the world doesn't draw any distinction between the two.

Our friends and enemies have only to click on 'DU' to see that many Americans hate America so much they won't wear the colors of our flag, sing our anthem in our own language, or shop in our stores. They see the ones that don't support the Senate, House, Supreme Court, or Presidential decisions. They see the backstabbers and political partisans at the CIA, FBI--even the Pentagon. They don't see Cindy Sheehan stand against President Bush--they see her stand against the entirety of America.

Worse yet, on display at DU, are the Photoshopped pics of urine and feces spread all over a man referred to as 'Chimpy' and the 'Beast'. The citizens of the world see the captions manufactured out of bathroom language, the calumnious taunts that he's a 'drunk' and a 'crack head'. They see the upside down flags, the administration figures burned in effigy at every leftist gathering--and they say to themselves "these people hate their country and won't lift a finger to fight for it! If ever we could take the United States down, it is now!"

And who's to say they are wrong? Even if it could be said that they are, would you want them to try and find out?

Freedom of speech is a wonderful right--a shining light in a world that has few enduring ones. However, having that right does not exempt us from the consequences of it's use. Other people in other lands are going to view our words and actions much differently than we intend them; natural consequences are much more powerful than wishful thinking, karma, or the best of intentions. If the words and actions of some make us look weak, then someone out there is going to act on that weakness--he's not going to nuance the thing to death or parse things down to the most politically correct meaning. Most particularly is he NOT going to suddenly turn into an American and understand things in the American way they were meant.

The posters at DU, Leftists, and Democrat party members--the d'Rats--need to THINK and stop being so selfish. Their rights are NOT the most important thing in the world--only a child feels that way. There are much more valuable and long-lasting good things in the world than our transitory satisfactions--and the United States Of America surely is one of them. Common sense and some good, old-fashioned loyalty needs to trump the self-focus they cannot seem to aspire beyond. Duty isn't something they eventually stand at a podium and try and report for--it is payment on a debt they already owe.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

These people who wrap themselves in the freedoms afforded them in this country of ours, and then burn the flag, or denegrate our president abroad, or convict our troops without due process in international press do so because they are so far removed from what it is to earn that freedom.

Ironically, they use the freedom afforded them to denegrate the very country and people who support and defend that freedom. And they do so in the presence of our detractors and our enemies.

They have no concept of responsibility or loyalty or integrity. They do not even seem capable of understanding that their freedom ends where mine and yours begins...meaning that their words put us all at risk.

But, don't dare use your freedom of speech to point this out them, or then you are accused of trying to censor them or of calling them traitors. They cannot abide another individual being extended the same freedom of speech, and they would NEVER be the ones to lay down their lives to protect the rights of others to disagree with them. Worse, they are blind to their own hypocrisy.

It's rather like trying to reason with a two year old who has just learned the concept of 'mine.'


1:04 AM  
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