Friday, May 19, 2006

Hate Is NOT A Four-Letter Word


Hate Is NOT A Four-Letter Word
By VerityINK

No, you can spell it with just two letters: "DU". I am constantly amazed at the level of hate at DU. They have turned bitterness at elections lost into high art; they carefully craft their hatred, they relish it, savor it, and encourage each other to build it into ever-higher pyres.

This isn't about ordinary dislike of a candidate, piddling dismissal of Republican ideas, or honest opposition--any of those things we might expect. DU's attitude--the d'RAT mindset--goes far beyond that; indeed, if we didn't know in advance that this was simple politics, one could well-nigh believe it was a pitched battle between the very concepts of good and evil.

I know, I know, Lefties are supposed to be the ersatz peace-loving flower-children of a bygone era, mellowed-down by good weed and steeped in all that Ritz-dye ambience; goodwill ambassadors, the lot of them. Riiight?

But, really, were they ever?

The term 'hippie'--first used in 1964--was very nearly an anachronism before it's usage was commonplace. Though 'nostalgians' like to paint the entire era of the sixties as embodying the concepts of peace and love they stood for, even the people to whom it referred signaled it's demise with their own Death Of Hippie parade in 1967. A movement that had started out based on civil rights and freedom, quickly became one of drug use, nihilism, and rejection of our society. By the 1970's, many of the sit-ins had turned into violent confrontations, there were no more 'concerts of love', and groups like the SLA, M.O.V.E. etc. dotted the landscape with their pointless violence, random killings, and radical politics. That's the movement's basic legacy--and it continues today at DU.

What would you think of fellow Americans who say:

-- "police often are violent, nasty, shitbags that can't be trusted", or...

-- "the United States is stupid, fat and greedy, that about covers it; compassion and understanding isn't what America is about", or...

--"Bush has no conscious. He's oblivious to the suffering that he has caused and wouldn't care even if he were aware. A selfish, self serving, self absorbed and self righteous little prick. He just doesn't give a rat's ass and, if everything is good in his little world, fuck everyone else", or...

-- "The world public opinion is right, there are millions of parasites in this country, leeches upon the rest of the world; thank you very little and fuck you very much".

What are the goals of those who applaud a rape of Karl Rove in prison?

Or those who compare Vice President Cheney to Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot--even Caligula?

Or liken Bush to Hitler, and talk about his family's supposed 'New World Order'?

I don't have to reach back to the WTO riots in Seattle, or read d'Rat plans to march on D.C. 'with torches and pitchforks', to see the nascent hatred, the complete disdain they have for America--and what I've come to call their 'destruction entitlement'--that has become these people's operational manifesto.

The very people who, a la Khalil Gibran, kept telling America that this country 'was not our own'--that it belonged to the whole world and we to it--are now mired in their own selfishness. The d'Rat have no vision of the future that doesn't include themselves as prime actors, prime owners, key doers.

They think America--the world--is theirs, so they can tear it down, and 'build it up the right way' now--supposedly for the 'future generations'. Their views ARE nihilistic, and that DOES come from a feeling of ownership, covetousness, and acquisition that goes far beyond that which any corporation could muster. They think this country is theirs to destroy.

Of course, Utopia is supposed to take it's place; they are so happy to think we will benefit from their architecture of the world that they rush to tell us to go fuck ourselves. They don't think anyone else's dream belongs here; they even think they can lead our country with their hate.

Peruse the sour forums of DU and you won't find one page, one post, one answer to a question, that even borders on something positive about America. There's not one Star-Spangled Banner there; they fly their flags upside down. John F. Kennedy's famous, 'What you can do for your country', has turned into the neo-progressive credo; what they think WE should tear down, and give up, for THEM.


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No but for D'RATS "work" is a four letter word.

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