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Leftist McVeigh Had No Remorse For Oklahoma City Bombing

Papers At UT Show McVeigh Had Little Remorse

Timothy McVeigh appeared to show little remorse as he described for his attorneys how he bombed the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995, according to defense documents donated to the University of Texas at Austin. The documents, donated by lead attorney Stephen Jones of Enid to the university's Center for American History, indicate that McVeigh sometimes laughed and even joked around with his attorneys.

McVeigh said he hoped he would be acquitted for the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which killed 168 people and injured hundreds more, and that his trial would embarrass the federal government. His attorney noted in one document that he expressed no remorse for the bombing, the worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

"He stated that his conscious mind knew that the people killed in the Oklahoma City bombing had families, that the children killed had mothers, and he fully realizes the consequences of his actions, but he was able to 'turn it off' in order to perform his mission," his attorneys wrote. "He stated that the normal emotions and feelings were there inside him, but he was able to cover them up in order to carry out the bombing." But he is quoted in another defense document as saying: "I know it's terrible to lose a child, especially (for) a mother....I empathize with pain. It's not that I'm callous. Everyone has feelings."

A federal jury in Denver found McVeigh guilty of the bombing, the bomb plot and the deaths of eight federal law enforcement agents in 1997. McVeigh was executed in 2001. The documents show that McVeigh considered pleading guilty if it would "save" his coconspirator, Terry Nichols. He was told it would not. Nichols is serving multiple life prison sentences following bombing-related convictions at separate federal and state trials.

The documents indicate McVeigh considered an insanity defense that would claim "McVeigh did not believe it was wrong because he believed he was at war, a war initiated by the government." He told his attorneys he did not know his target had a day-care center but that probably would not have deterred them. Nineteen children were killed in the bombing, mostly in the day-care center.

McVeigh said he told friends, Michael and Lori Fortier, that he was aware children may be among the victims. "I told them, you know, 'Children may die. There may be a pregnant woman working there or there may be someone walking down the street or someone may have taken their child to work with them. Do you understand that?'" he said, according to the September 1995 transcript.

McVeigh justified the bombing, saying the federal government "drew first blood" when more than 70 Branch Davidians, including children, died April 19, 1993 — exactly two years before the bombing. McVeigh said he hoped to "wake Americans up to the tyranny of government," according to a defense memo. The Davidians died when the FBI raided their religious compound near Waco, Texas, and a fire broke out. McVeigh believed the FBI set the fire. An investigation concluded the Davidians set the fire themselves.

McVeigh insisted he acted mostly alone in the bomb plot, with some help from Nichols. Jones doubted him, telling McVeigh that McVeigh was keeping secret other conspirators. Jones had McVeigh take a polygraph test that asked if others were involved. McVeigh failed it and the polygrapher concluded McVeigh lied when he said only Nichols helped him. "Tim now regrets submitting to the examination. Tim said that he had "an emotional reaction to some questions'," one attorney wrote.

McVeigh also told his attorneys he was disappointed in the reaction to the attack, that he had not woken up Americans.

It's quite popular for those at DU--and other Leftists everywhere--to assume that Timothy McVeigh was a 'rightwinger', one of 'our' radicals. However, anyone who 'is at war against our own government', thinks our government is a 'tyranny', and chooses domestic terrorism to 'wake Americans up' is playing all his cards right from the nihilist manuals of old.

I don't care if it happened on Clinton's watch--it was the power of the state to which McVeigh was reacting. He was not a 'rightwinger' acting out against a Leftist President; McVeigh was an anarchist striking a blow against 'the establishment'--and where have we heard THAT before?


Blogger The Merry Widow said...

I think it is time that we quit using right and left as polar opposites, instead us totalitarian and anarchist.
As a libertarian I believe in less government, a republic in other words(like we used to have), so that puts me slightly on the anarchist side, barely from center.
Anarchists are nutcases, and that choice to blow up a building with children in it IS the work of terrorists and no side should want to claim McVeigh...and yes I believe he had outside help.
Good run down!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


3:37 AM  
Blogger CHOMP said...

McVeigh and his cohorts hurt a lot of people. And in the end, as always, it changed nothing. It only proved as Merry Widow said..."anarchists are nutcases."


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its fun to rewrite history but McVeigh was a right wing NUT. Period. Everyone knows that, he avowed that himself. Sorry but history belies your point.

6:12 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

ANON.--Just because you create another sort of 'America-and-how-it-should-be' in your head doesn't mean you are 'patriotically' 'standing up for' 'your' country in a typical rightwing fashion. Anarchy has been a Leftist tradition since the breed was first made.

Nonsensical attacks on a fed building in OK do not solve any of the things he took issue with, or complained about.

That building and the people in it were only, IN HIS MIND, the embodiment of this gov, for some reason, and he acted like any typical Leftist WTO rioter in Seattle, Cindy Sheehan/Code Pinker disrupting the Rose Bowl parade, or ELF new house arsonist.

Tearing up the business district in Seattle, fouling the Rose Bowl Parade, and burning a new house being built does nothing to address the economy and trade, Iraq war, or the 'environmentalism' the people who do such things say they are addressing. Neither did what McVeigh did. Leftist behavior + Leftist tactics = a Leftist; I don't care WHAT he called himself. He was in the military and supposedly 'for' America--he wouldn't have called himself a Leftist for the world, but that doesn't mean he wasn't one.

11:37 AM  

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