Tuesday, January 01, 2008

John Edwards: The Hater

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John Edwards: The Hater
By Rich Lowry

John Edwards is angry, and he wants people to know it. Republicans complain of Democratic class warfare all the time. It's usually an overwrought charge. But Edwards is the real thing. His message is resentful, confrontational and paranoid, verging on the openly hateful. And Iowa audiences are loving it.

Edwards is like a stand-up comedian who has honed his act down to the most effective material. In the case of the comedian, all that's left is laughs; in the case of Edwards, almost all that is left is unbridled hostility. His campaign pitch is a well-polished mailed fist aimed at the gut of the establishment, defined by Edwards as heartless, money-grubbing corporations.

"This corporate greed is killing the middle class, killing American jobs and it is stealing your children's future," Edwards tells a rapt crowd of a couple hundred people in the lobby of a high school here.

The reason we don't have universal health coverage, according to Edwards, is "very simple" -- the drug companies and insurance companies oppose it. In fact, everything is "very simple" to him. In his down-home Manichaean vision, dark corporate forces are responsible for everything he doesn't like.

This is a worldview that doesn't allow for legitimate differences of opinion. On the one side is "the glorification of corporate greed," and on the other are the people willing to fight it -- everyone in between is either a tool or a coward. Battle lines drawn, Edwards' vision bristles with evocations of power. The people will have to wield the "sovereign power" of the country against corporations that will only "give their power away when we take their power away from them."




Blogger CHOMP said...

I have a hard time listening to a multimillionaire tell me that greed is killing the middle class. And, as far as universal health care, all you need to do is ask Canadians how much they "enjoy" their health coverage.


6:48 PM  

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