Saturday, December 02, 2006

MUST READ: Worst-Case, Indeed

Think Again: Worst-Case Scenario

I've been thinking a lot about my father lately. He used to say, "If the world is prepared to stand by and watch Jews be slaughtered again, then the world does not deserve to exist."

That moment, I fear, has come. Israel's existence has become, in the eyes of much of the world, a big bother. References to the creation of Israel as a "mistake" not worth the price are now commonplace in European discourse.


Anonymous Bobcat said...

Israel is far too safe a target for the haters of the world. EVERYONE knows the people who live there are too decent to do what most other nations wouldn't give a second thought about - nuking the attackers!

7:46 PM  
Blogger Robert Bayn said...

Israel's destiny is to be hated by all nation, Leftist Europe seems to be feel for Islamist terrorist, so it seems only right that they would hate Israel, furthermore we know from bible Prophecy this is where the final battle will be fought, so it's really something to rejoice in, because soon all things will be revealed and our saviour is coming back so very soon.

7:55 PM  
Blogger prairieson said...

Ask yourself this:

What becomes of most countries in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf when every major capital of same gets three or four megaton-scale warheads up the ol' wazoo? A single warhead of a few megatons will pretty much reduce Damascus to prime but radioactive desert. The death toll in just one of those cities is beyond human comprehension. Tehran would become a memory. A camera crew, brave enough to fly in, would find nothing to film except blackened rubble and those unfortunate enough to survive the initial blast -- dying souls holding their hands up for help that will never arrive.

Yes, Israel could disappear although I believe God will never permit that to happen. Great misery could come to Israel, but it will stand.

But what will be left of Syria and Iran -- you wouldn't let dogs live in such misery.

People think Chernobyl was something to get upset about and it was. But a few nuclear warheads dropping on on the Muslim bruthas will give people something to discuss for generations.

Israel has, and will retain, the means to strike back at those who would try the unthinkable. The day it gives up that ability is the day it will cease to exist.

8:29 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

G*D said that Jerusalem will become a millstone around the neck of the unbelieving world! It won't be pretty! Any Jews you know need to be told that America will not hold off much longer and making plans to make aliyah should be made! For G*D WILL protect Israel from destruction. It will be very unpleasant and dangerous, but look at France. The anti-semitism is exploding! Jews are leaving for anywhere else! It is a disgrace, and will hasten judgement!


3:50 AM  

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