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So Now They Believe Saddamists And Islamists Would Work Together?

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So Now They Believe Saddamists And Islamists Would Work Together?
Posted by Ed Morrissey

The release of Phase II of the review of pre-war intel has generated some odd comments from war critics. The same people who have told us over and over again that al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists would never have worked with a supposed secularist like Saddam Hussein now say "I told you so" when the pre-war intel warned of post-invasion connections between AQ and the Ba'athists:

The U.S. intelligence community accurately predicted months before the Iraq war that al-Qaeda would link up with elements from former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime and militant Islamists to conduct terrorist attacks against U.S. forces in that country, according to a report released today by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Two national intelligence assessments sent to the White House and other senior Bush administration policymakers in January 2003 also predicted that al-Qaeda "would try to take advantage of U.S. attention on postwar Iraq to re-establish its presence in Afghanistan," according to the Senate report...

"The most chilling and prescient warning from the intelligence community prior to the war was that the American invasion would bring about instability in Iraq that would be exploited by Iran and al Qaeda terrorists," Sen. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-W. Va.), chairman of the committee and three other Democratic panel members wrote in additional views attached to the 229 page report.

AQ bears a resemblance to a pack of hyenas. They will descend on any carcass and attempt to feed itself on death and destruction. It didn't take a lot of imagination to think that AQ would attempt to take advantage of a transitional Iraq in order to set up shop to fight the Americans.
In fact, at one point, we made it clear that we would rather have them fighting us over there, against our military, than over here against our civilians.

That's the forward strategy in the war on terror. We fought them and their allies in Afghanistan and chased them out of the country, too. They may want to reestablish themselves in Afghanistan as the report notes, but they haven't been able to do it -- and their Taliban allies have lost most of their leadership now.

Jay Rockefeller wants to use the report to show what a folly it was to invade Iraq, but part of the reason we invaded Iraq was precisely to avoid Saddam and his henchmen from partnering with al-Qaeda. These same intel agencies produced this prediction because they also had intelligence that Saddam and AQ had already established contacts with each other. With the Taliban a dead letter, the next obvious choice in the region for AQ was Iraq, which already had a bitter military dispute with the US going for 12 years.

Since Saddam had never complied with the cease-fire and the UN resolutions on many issues, and in fact continued to fire on no-fly patrols, a state of war already existed. With that in mind and with the intel that AQ and Ba'athists would be likely allies in the near future, the US acted to secure its flank in the Middle East by eliminating the source of the 12-year war that had been ongoing. And as it turned out, it was a good thing we did -- because we found out that our allies at the UN had been undermining the "box" that supposedly held Saddam for years, stuffing billions of dollars into his pockets and military hardware in his presidential palaces.

The CIA predicted this alliance before the invasion. That should put paid to the idea that no one but George Bush and Dick Cheney thought that al-Qaeda would work with secular dictators like Saddam Hussein and other Ba'athists.


Anonymous Patsy said...

I, for one,always knew they believed this, as this report clearly demonstrates. It's just that Democrats don't care about winning the War on Terror, they don't care about the deaths of American civilians, they don't care about the deaths of innocent civilians elsewhere --- they care only about their own power. Anything they have to do to get it and retain it, so be it. Disgusting.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous kirk said...

Everyone should reaz this..

But the d-rats won't give it any credence; they've made up their minds in advance.

12:47 AM  

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