Friday, August 24, 2007

MUST READ: Courage

Courage, Cowardice and the Wordsmiths
By Stephen Rittenberg, MD

When I served as a Navy psychiatrist during the Vietnam War, one of my weekly duties was interviewing and assessing potential draftees who were seeking to avoid service by claiming mental illness. Many of these were recent Ivy League graduates, students of the humanities, who were active protesters of what they insisted was an immoral war. They thought of themselves as idealists.

Yet they were not principled conscientious objectors. Instead, they were glib, had read up on symptoms of psychosis, and could feign the manifest behavior of any disqualifying syndrome-including homosexuality. Their efforts to dissemble were usually rather obvious. They were predicated on the arrogant assumption that they were smarter than any military psychiatrist.

Once it was pointed out to them that if they avoided the draft, someone else, less educated and less favored by fortune would go in their place, they quickly revealed their true motivation: fear. I realized I was observing cowardice masquerading as idealism. These young men would do anything to avoid the risk of fighting and dying for their country.



Anonymous cassie said...

What a cute cat!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...




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Anonymous prairieson said...

Now there is one brave cat.

The dogs don't look too eager to challenge it. Could be they've tried before with disastrous results?


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Blogger VerityINK said...

Batya, you have such a sweet heart!

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Anonymous catsala said...

Batya, Your post made me feel good when I came home. You sure know how to brighten someone's evening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now

There are cats and there is CATSALA.

And this is how it is.


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