Thursday, August 16, 2007

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Why Not Another 9/11?
By Kevin McCullough

Liberally oriented newspaper editors increasingly wonder why subscription and circulation numbers continue to plummet among the old guard of news media: the printed page.

What are they, the dumbest people on earth?

Why would any population of any nation that has the slightest modicum of freedom choose to subject itself to the onset of treasonous and vapid judgment with which these editors seem so well endowed?

Maybe these editors are bored by the slow news cycle that is the month of August, maybe they fell asleep while sitting at their desk playing sudoku, maybe their consensual sex partners broke pieces of china over their noggins, or worst of all maybe their viewpoint of the American people is so low that they think we won't notice.

Whatever the case editors at the New York Times, The Philadelphia Daily News, and The Washington Post deserve not merely ridicule but complete isolation from American civilization for the treachery they promoted this week.



Anonymous bobcat said...

This is a powerful article!

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