Sunday, September 09, 2007


Carbon Offsets: Eco-Extortion, Green Guilt, and the Selling Of Indulgences
By Frank Pastore

There are some things you just gotta do yourself. Someone else can’t lose your weight, quit your addiction, parent your kids, or confess your sins.

You have to do it.

And, just as you can’t buy indulgences that allow you to go right on sinning without any consequences, you can’t buy carbon offsets that allow you to go right on polluting without any consequences, either.

Neither God nor science works that way.

Yet, the selling of “voluntary carbon offsets”—eco-indulgences—is a $55 million per year industry, involving over three dozen companies worldwide. Total sales are anticipated to double both this year and next, and entrepreneurs are clamoring all over themselves for a piece of the action.

And it’s all a scam.

Yes, the money is very real, but the alleged benefits to the environment are fake.


Global Warming Insanity?
By Paul Driessen


Anonymous bobcat said...

This whole damn thing is nothing but a con-job. However, like all DemRAT cons, they won't listen to reason or logic - it's all fluffy feelings with them!

1:56 PM  

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