Thursday, October 25, 2007

DU Doesn't Like Laura's Quote About Freedom:

FROM DU: d'Rats Don't Like Laura's Quote About Freedom:

“Around our country, President Bush and I meet with your families. We meet with families who make such a huge sacrifice in service to our country. In military hospitals, we meet with soldiers who've been wounded in combat.

From our troops and your families, the President and I hear the same request: that we honor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform by seeing your mission through. They ask the American people to stand with our troops. I'm here to tell you that the American people stand with our troops. And no matter what you might read in the newspaper, people do appreciate the gift of freedom,’’ the first lady told the troops.

DU Chimes In--What They Think Of Our First Lady

--Yep, even if you have to kill those ingrates to give them the gift, right, Pickles? Spoken like a true sociopath.

--WTF? Once again insinuating that opposition to the war means we're INGRATES for their service. Burn in hell, you bitter old boozehound.

--Is that why the retarded monkey, and the retarded monkey's wife, is working on taking away Americans' freedom? Because they appreciate it so much? Get a different speech writer, joker... that one sux.

--Beware of Greeks ( or oil-hungry foreigners) bearing gifts... as went Troy, so goes Iraq.

--Laura, why don't you just go get some botox and STFU!

--Hey Pickles, why not do something constructive, like running over your current beau with a car. otherwise, keep your joker-like mouth shut.

--Laura lives in the same bubble as her bubble headed husband.

--First, LIAR! And second, she is just arrogant and condescending as her other half. They deserve each other but we and the World don't deserve too be harassed by them.

--Wouldn't it be nice if we and the Iraqis actually had some?


Anonymous teller said...

What else would you expect from DU?

11:23 AM  
Blogger Sonny Lykos said...

I've often wondered what percentage of kids, are still kids at the age of 20 or 30.

They have exactly the same character as kids: Swear, call people names, yell a lot, say things as we just to as kids like "you're mama wears combat boots."

Stented growth? Stented intellect. Juvenile emotions?

8:56 PM  

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