Sunday, November 11, 2007

Democrat Underground Trashes Our Vets!

FROM DU: Reflections On Veteran's Day 2007

Yes, support nearly all of them. But, simultaneously remember that we went from a nation
where we believed that our military acted for our defense to notorious and vicious invaders and plunderers.

There are some good things Cheney and the PNACers/neo-cons gave us - actions so aggressive and causes so weak and unitary to their interests that we learned plenty about how this country works and what's in store for us if we don't wake up and speak out loud - and teach each other.

We didn't learn the lesson from Vietnam and it's our job to teach those who still don't get it - we can't keep invading other nations. When George said 'we?' weren't going to do nation building, we now know he said we were into nation destroying. Let's not have any other vets contributing their lives, limbs, minds, immune systems to invasions and nation-destroying on behalf of those who wish to dominate and own us. (higher class)

In saying 'on behalf of those who wish to dominate and own us' they DON'T MEAN the insurgents, the muslim terrorists, Osama bin Laden--or anyone else; they mean the Republican party, the 'PNAC ers, the 'neocons'.

THIS S.O.B. complains because the President isn't at Arlington (and unwittingly denigrates the vets in Waco at the same time):

FROM DU: WHAT A PRICK! Time of War? No Wreath? On Vacation? Commander and Chief My ASS!

The asshole is visiting the local American Legion in Waco instead! What a fucking scumbag! (truthpusher)

But, then, when Vice President Cheney DOES lay a wreath, say some words, THIS is what they have to say about it:

FROM DU: Cheney Lays A Wreath To the Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier

Vice President Dick Cheney lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery during a Veterans Day ceremony Sunday, Nov. 11, 2007, in Arlington, Va. (Kadie)

--I hope us vets can get over this.

--Draft-dodging coward finally comes out of hiding just in time for his Thanksgiving shooting trip.

--With any luck the Unknown Soldier has to endure only one more such insult next year.

--Geeee... You mean he did not 'have better things to do'? After all, that was his excuse for deferments.

--What a disgusting display... I though he had to be back in his own tomb by daylight. How is he able to pull this stunt?

--"Hell" if there Really is One, Awaits Dick Cheney the amount of death for this pathetic man's greed and ego. Disgusting.

Clearly, they have NO respect for our vets. To them they are still just baby-rapers, civilian-torturing, night-raiding animals that 'plunder other nations'--and all at the behest of our evil American government that wants to 'own', rape, and steal from all others. What a pathethic, belittling, puling little view of this great country and the men and women who have chosen to protect it, and who wish to bring democracy and peace to others everywhere.

Democrats, you disgust me! And for all of you who imagine I am 'only' talking about some itty-bitty group on your radical fringe, I am NOT; I DON'T SEE EVEN ONE OF YOU MODERATES ON DU CALLING THESE HORRIBLE NAYSAYERS DOWN. Tacit agreement is agreement all the same.

The President and our esteemed Vice President are clearly damned by you if they do and damned by you if they don't. Go play your 'gotcha' games somewhere else. The last Democrat president in the White House absconded to England so he didn't have to serve--and never saluted a soul even as CinC, so maybe you'd better establish any patriotism at all on your part before you go trying to knock a hole on ours.

WE'VE keep you safe since 9/11--what have you and yours done for this country?


Anonymous BOBCAT said...

Good Veteran's Day, Donal. These lousy sonuvabitches. I'd love for them to go stand in the middle of Parris Is. and holler their crap!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have any of these fine young cannibals ever served? Or have they even the humilty and honesty to admit they never did and the decencey to honor those that did serve in their place? Obviously not. Lincoln said "The philosophy taught in the classroom of one gerneration becomes the policy of the government in the next generation''. This is whats being taught. God help us all. J'Mac.

12:28 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

He was a very wise man, J'Mac. Funny, in his day, he was derided as much--and in the same way--as President Bush is now.

2:05 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Hi, Bobcat--You catch the game?

Yeah, I hate 'em, too!

2:06 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Or drag small children to their protests, to avoid getting pepper sprayed...what a bunch of cravens!
They could start by taking showers and washing their clothes! Bet that is worse than pepper spray...


3:40 AM  
Anonymous It Pays to Read said...

Actually they are dissing Bush and Dick "I had other priorities" Cheney.

4:39 AM  

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