Friday, November 02, 2007

Hillary Reveals Her Inner Self

Hillary Reveals Her Inner Self
By Peggy Noonan

It's startling. It's still 1993 in there, the year before her fall.
The story isn't that the Democrats finally took on Hillary Clinton. Nor is it that they were gentlemanly to the point of gingerly and tentative. There was an air of "Please, somebody kill her for me so I can jump in and show high minded compassion at her plight!"

Barack Obama, with his elegance and verbal fluency really did seem like that great and famous political figure from his home state of Illinois--Adlai Stevenson, who was not at all hungry, not at all mean, and operated at a step removed from the grubby game. Mr. Obama is like someone who would write in his diaries, "I shall point out Estes Kefauver's manifold inconsistencies, then to luncheon with Arthur and Marietta."

The odd thing is it's easier to be a killer when you know exactly what you stand for, when you have a real philosophy. The philosophy becomes a platform from which you can strike without ambivalence. Mr. Obama seems born to be mild. But still, that's not the story.

Nor is it that John Edwards seems like a furry animal on a wheel, trying so hard, to the point he's getting a facial tic, and getting nowhere, failing to get his little furry paws on his prey, not knowing you have to get off the wheel to get to the prey. You have to stop the rounded, rote, bromidic phrases, and use a normal language that cannot be ignored.

The story is not that Mrs. Clinton signaled, in attitude and demeanor, who she believes is her most dangerous foe, the great impediment between her and an easy glide to the nomination. Yes, that would be Tim Russert.

The story is that she talked about policy. Not talking points, but policy. In talking about it she seemed, for the first time, to be revealing what's inside.



Anonymous cassie said...

I get scared to death when I think of Hillary as president!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She stoops to conquer'' If this coniving, grasping neo-Marxist shrew expects to be President how does she expect to handle tougher questions in office when a simple ,direct question brings her to the point of being practically reduced to tears and pulling the "They're picking on me because I'm a girl''. What a pathetic creature she is. J"Mac.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

This was the first chink made in that armor of inevitability. She and her staff know she took a major hit in the debate and it's not just the VRWC that is calling her on it. Liberals and moderates alike are raising the red flags.

Now that Obama and, perhaps, Edwards know some of her vulnerabilities, I expect they will get a little bolder.

Overall, I'd say the past few days have not been kind to Hillary's campaign. Something tells me it is about to get much worse.

But assume Hillary gets knocked out of the race? Who then? The choices will become Obama or Edwards and Edwards I believe is pretty much through.

Keep in mind that Obama arouses a great deal of support from at least some sectors throughout the country and from what I've read is usually a good speaker in front of crowds (with an occasional gaffe).

Could Obama carry it nationally?


4:23 PM  

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