Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NYT: Trying To Play Both Sides Of the Table

Schizo NYT Has One Constant on Mid-East Democracy: Bush Always Wrong
By Mark Finkelstein

OK, class, someone tell us: what's been the attitude of the New York Times and the elite media at large toward democracy-building in Iraq?

What's that, Johnny? That it was naive for George Bush to imagine that democracy was attainable in a Muslim country riven by religious and ethnic factions? Correct. OK, then, who'd like to predict the Times's reaction to Pres. Bush's measured response to the curtailing of democracy in Pakistan by Pervez Musharraf, perhaps our most important ally in the region in the war against terrorism?

What's that, Janie? Pakistan being another Muslim country riven by religious and ethnic factions, George Bush has adopted the appropriately pragmatic course?

Wrong! Call it a trick question, but I did say "the Times's reaction." No, the correct answer is of course that Times is blasting President Bush for the insufficiency of his efforts to promote democracy in Pakistan.



Anonymous cassie said...

No wonder their stock is in the toilet...

11:46 AM  

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