Friday, March 14, 2008

'Military Recruiters Are Under Attack,' Group Says

'Military Recruiters Are Under Attack,' Group Says
By Monisha Bansal

Pro-troop advocates say anti-war protesters' attacks against U.S. military recruiters have intensified in the last few months and become a "growing trend."

"What ended up happening is that some of the groups ... got very frustrated that when the Democrats took control of Congress, that they felt [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi failed to deliver on the promise to cut funding for the war in Iraq," Joe Wierzbicki, spokesman for the pro-troop organization Move America Forward, told Cybercast News Service. "They were left with no other choice but to cut the flow of bodies for the war," he said.

Wierzbicki added that there have been more than 50 incidents "where recruiting centers were either vandalized, protests were done specifically for the purposes of shutting them down, [or] in some instances they would go and occupy the offices to force the recruiting efforts to stop." Wierzbicki noted other violent acts, such as the bombing of the Times Square recruiting center earlier this month. "That was just one incident where something really bad actually happened," Wierzbicki said.

He further noted that an incendiary device was thrown at an armed forces recruiting center in Vestal, N.Y.; protesters threw bricks through a center's windows in Rockville, Md.; and protesters spread human feces throughout the offices of a center in Milwaukee, Wis. Also, centers in San Jose, Calif., and Asheville, N.C., were set on fire; gunshots were fired at a center in Denver, Colo.; and a pipe bomb was planted at a center in St. Louis, Mo.

To call attention to these attacks, Move America Forward will be launching a 60-second television ad campaign to air on cable networks nationwide beginning March 19.
Watch video Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, told Cybercast News Service that such violent acts are "terrible" and that her group does not support their use, although they are opposed to recruitment efforts. "I think there will be more protests at recruiting stations, but I don't think there will be violent actions like that," she said.

Code Pink led the most publicized opposition to recruitment efforts in Berkeley, Calif. Benjamin said "counter-recruitment" efforts have been going on for years. "That means going to recruiting stations and passing out literature or going and doing protests inside recruiting stations," she said. "It's not new, but it's become intensified.



Anonymous bobcat said...

These ones too.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the little Hitler Youth hold the F**k the Army'' would have the never to say that to a soldier, particualrly a female soldier. These little "Children of the Corn'' operate under this silly notion that somehow, not only convinced of the rightousness of their cause, but some childish belief that because they're little older than ten-agers, some still in their late teens, that society at large will tolerate their pugnacious, offensive and boorish behaviour much in the way a weary, feckless partent tolerates an ungovernable little brat. The times when these litte Hitler Youth do run up against force,against an enity, person or group that isn't going to be intimidated or bullyied and pushes back,sometimes phyiscally , always makes for one of those endearing epiphanies in kids like the young lady iin the photo to suddenly realize , among other things, that if you going to spit into the wind(or the face of the US Army) you had better check the direction of the wind. J'Mac.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typo. meant ''nerve'' J'Mac.

4:05 PM  

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