Wednesday, May 21, 2008

THE FLEET'S IN! Great White Fleet's Mission Resonates 100 Years Later

Great White Fleet's Mission Resonates 100 Years Later
By Donald C. Winter

In our history, the hearts of the American people have experienced certain moments of patriotic pride and joy. These include hearing the news that World War II had finally ended or watching television screens in wonder as an American made history by walking on the moon.

The awe-inspiring deployment of the Navy's "Great White Fleet" 100 years ago was another such moment. In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt conceived the idea of sending 16 battleships on a 14-month around-the-world cruise — a feat never attempted before. Those battleships, with hulls painted white, became known as the Great White Fleet.

This week, Navy ships return to Seattle as part of the centennial celebration recalling the fleet's visit to Seattle May 23, 1908. The port call garnered much attention, with Seattle Mayor John F. Miller presenting Rear Adm. C. S. Sperry with the key to the city (made from Klondike gold). The newspapers were full of stories profiling the ships, the commanders, and Roosevelt's naval and foreign policies...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris. It's on the top 5 all time list of my favorite biographies.

TR was a FASCINATING and larger than life type of personality who overcome crippling repiratory illnesses as a child by pushing his weak little body to the limit every single day he was able to get out of bed.

His is IS a mixed legacy. TR was maybe the first President to usher in the era of huge and active government. Unfortuantely this set the table for Wilsonian "fascism." Teddy Roosevelt was one of a kind.

Imagine the squeals of indignation from San Francisco if a carrier battle group were pulling in today?


3:31 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

Yeah, I DO know the kind of racket they'd make. They already don't want the recruiting station those witches from CodePink are protesting.

I say, let those good troops in San Fran pull out and let those harridans in pink stink guard them.

8:59 AM  

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