Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muslims Barred From Picture at Obama Event

Muslims Barred From Picture at Obama Event
By Ben Smith

Two Muslim women at Barack Obama’s rally in Detroit on Monday were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women’s headscarves from appearing in photographs or on television with the candidate.

The campaign has apologized to the women, both Obama supporters who said they felt betrayed by their treatment at the rally. “This is of course not the policy of the campaign. It is offensive and counter to Obama’s commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “We sincerely apologize for the behavior of these volunteers.”


Now Mr. 'Unity' is throwing his volunteers under the bus (boy, is under-the-bus seating getting crowded!). Do you really think they would've asked the women to move if it hadn't come from the top? If McCain had so deliberately manufactured a photo op in such a prejudicial way, the MSM would be screaming it from the rooftops!

'Unity', ha! What a hypocrite!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He turning against his own.... hmmmmm food for thought, Demonrats.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

3:04 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Yes, ANON., I think they may be sorrier than they'll be able to say if they elect Bammie.

6:24 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

The undercarriage of that bus is getting it reaches the point that the tires no longer make contact with the road...just saying.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you guys:

"Let's get him! He's pro-Muslim!"

"Let's get him! He's anti-Muslim!"

I guess consistency is the hobgoblin of et cetera, et cetera, eh?

6:10 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

DOC--I don't recall anyone here saying either thing. Nice distraction from the very real fact that Bammie discards anyone useless to him, has a carefully manufactured image, and is not the man he appears to be.

Nice end run, Doc--but little yardage, no touchdown.

7:09 AM  

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