Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama's Church Must Not Be Forgotten

Obama's Church Must Not Be Forgotten
James Lewis

Senator Obama is now trying to erase his personal history by resigning from his radical Left church, after two decades of active membership -- that's more than 1,000 Sunday sermons over twenty years. The media will do their best to help him fuzz over that history, just as they have tried to eradicate the memory of the Twin Towers and Pentagon assaults seven years ago. Yet the evidence is overwhelming by now that Trinity United is a front for the hard Left, which is trying to turn American blacks into another angry proletariat, to be played and controlled by their new ideological masters.

If you have ever wondered why many blacks seem to have difficulty rising in American society and becoming successful as individuals, the malignant spread of Black separatism must count as one big reason. Radical Leftists have been teaching "race consciousness" to black people, just as the Old Left taught "class consciousness" to impoverished people. The stated goal of Black Liberation Theology is to create racial strife, just as the stated goal of Marxist class propaganda was to whip up class war. This is preaching of race hatred for selfish political ends. The aim is not to help black people to rise and become strong as individuals, but to divide and conquer Americans, to slice and dice them into race, gender and sexual orientations in order to empower the Left. It is the worst kind of human exploitation.



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