Friday, June 30, 2006

How Are the D'RATS Celebrating the Fourth Of July?


Progressively Anti-American

Progressively Traitorous

Progressively Angry

Progressively Negative

Progressively Bitter

Progressively Unproductive

Progressively Bad For America

I don't feel much like celebrating the Fourth this year...

Frankly I haven't felt much like celebrating the Fourth for the past few years. An ongoing, illegal, immoral war, the continuous onslaught on American freedoms and civil rights, the rise of the fascist, theocratic state. It has all combined to leave me feeling numb, depressed, and angry.

Why celebrate the birth of this country when the very principles it was founded on, freedom and liberty, are quickly disappearing. Instead I find myself in a state of mourning, sad for the passing of the great country America once was, and fearful of what we're becoming.

No, this Fourth, instead of celebrating our independence (which is now long gone), I think I'm going to unplug from the world, work in the garden and orchard, reconnect with nature and myself, in order to face the renewed political onslaught on Wednesday. Am I alone in feeling this way?

What are your plans for the Fourth?

DU Chimes In:

--I'm with you for sure. Fourth of July used to be one of my favorite holidays. I would feel so proud that this was my countries birthday and how lucky we were to live in the most democratic and free country in the world. That was when I still believed in the lie.I don't have it in me anymore. I am ashamed of my country and what my Government has done in my name to the citizens of the world.I don't know what I will do on the fourth, mourn I suppose for what my country should have been and is no more. (Jeanette in FL)

--Burn a Flag... especially those used to sell foreign oil at gas stations. Afterall.... burning the flag is a way of properly disposing of a flag after it's been desecrated, which every GOPer does on a daily basis. (stepnw1f)

--What I really feel like doing this Fourth is starting a mass march on DC to kick the bastards out, but it would be really depressing to see how few people turn out to join me, thus I won't. (MadHound)

--I have a friend who invites my family up to her mountain cabin every 4th. To me it's an opportunity to get away for a couple of days. Too bad we don't even have a media that cherishes its freedom enough to tell the sheeple in the red, white, and blue flag tee-shirts that the holiday represents ideals that the Bush Crime Family has shitcanned. (LibDemAlways)

--I've been thinking about this alot the last few days. I heard something on the radio about whether or not Americans were proud of their country. I can honestly say that right now..I'm not. It pains me to say it..and to feel this way. When our country is looked at with disdain by most of the world - for good reason - it's difficult to be proud. (bluethruandthru)

--I'm not as enthused as usual either. However, at work on the 3rd, I'll wear a red and white stripedshirt with an American flag sticker upside down. I'll also wear my bejeweled costume jewelry dem donkey. Then I'll dare anyone to say something. (ginbarn)

I'll be HAPPY to say something! And we will have the biggest American flag we can find to fly outside our windows!

Maybe these poor, pitiful, sad babies haven't the sense to love the country in which they live--and think it's the greatest country on earth--or they're nothing but DEFEATOCRATS.


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