Saturday, July 01, 2006

The D'Rats Are Mad the Space Shuttle Landed

FROM DU: "I'm Not Gonna Be Proud Of America, No Way, No How!"

--Am I the only one here who does not give a rat's ass about the shuttle? (CatWoman)

--Cat, you must have heard me just ask my wife, "Why the hell are we doing this again? (Ishoutandscream2)

--They are doing it to see if they can do it without it burning up again. See? Simple. (uppityperson)

--Had a good laugh at that one! (Ishoutandscream2)

--There are enough problems here now on this planet to pursue. Human's technology has far surpassed their ability to deal with it. Early "space stuff" was a coverup for making rockets to shoot far away at other countries. (uppityperson)

--ANYTHING to get Chimpy McFlightsuit's problems off the front page. (CatWoman)

--If the money weren't spent on the space program you KNOW where it would be going. To that little 4-letter country in the middle east that rhymes with Kneesock. (Chipper Chat)

--It's a big motivator to get kids into sciences and engineering. I'd like to see more money for Pell grants and such, but GOP underfunds those because they dont want people to be educated enough to see through their scams, and they want to economically coerce poor kids into enlisting. (yurbud)

--I'm with you. Money can be put to better use, and we're all supposed to be thrilled when the antiquated shuttle performs the way it should. I just can't get excited about it. (sparosnare)

--It's an interplanetary dick-measuring contest waste of money. (texasleo)

-- I couldn't care less. I do have one dark hope: that the damn thing vears off course and hits the White House point blank . We will need a new White House once and if Bush and his freaks ever leave , the original has been fouled up by such stench that it will never be cleaned well enough for a real government . (blues90)

These are some of the nastiest, most negative attitudes I've seen. The members of the Democrat party can't find one tiny little thing in America to admire! Even NASA--which President Bush doesn't have much to do with at all--is fair game for their sourness and America-hatred.

In all the many posts I've read at DU over the past year, I haven't found ONE that expressed unabashed pride in America, or in what we do. As much as they try to parade around the fact that they are 'down on Bush, not America'--their true attitudes always come slithering out.

For them, the Fourth Of July surely has to be their most hated holiday of the year!


Anonymous prairieson said...

There is so much wrong about what the commentators write that one could spend an entire day on pointing them out.

But one thing is clear, facts have no home with DU'ers nor Democrats in general.

The GOP "underfunds" education? Since Bush and the GOP are allowing education spending to increase under their watch, one has to wonder what would be the proper spending level to DU'ers? And why they one day complain about Bush bankrupting the country and, often on the same day, accuse him or the Republicans of not spending enough?

The Democrats controlled Congress for many decades and approved of NASA spending. Why didn't THEY kill NASA and put that money into Pell grants?

But why am I asking these questions? The DU'ers not only dislike facts, they dislike logic and consistency, as well. This is not about spending money on the "right" things, it is about searching for a reason to hate.

And the DU'ers are showing us, thanks to this blog, just how much they hate the United States and everything it stands for.

It makes one wonder why they even choose to live here. If I were that upset with the current administration I think I'd consider moving -- Cuba or North Korea would probably take them if they agree to write nasty things about the US. They're doing it for free at DU, Cuba or NK might even pay them.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous z said...

Did you see the coverage yesterday when the shuttle was scrubbed for 24 hrs? FOX was doing interviews with different experts all weighing in on the benefits of this shuttle flight, what will come of its success, how the ill-fated one failed, etc. ALl day long on CNN, Miles O'Brien was doing nearly nothing but reliving the terrible accident and reminding people that this COULD happen again today...that HE is not REALLY sure NASA is going ahead without complete was unreal. THank GOD Miles O'Brien and the NYTimes know more than our government/space program people...what WOULD we do without them?

9:39 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Well, Z... they have another whole day to talk about it--it's been scrubbed for today, too.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeas prairieson,''underfunds education'',ain't that akiller?We spend on average some 12,000 dollars a kid in America.Ted Kwrote the "No Child Left behind bill''for cryin' out loud.Johnnymac

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition to being hateful,politically and historic ignoramuses,they appear to a bunch of Luddites,preferring forego education,science,astronomy,physics rocket design and construction and the discovery of new wonders in favor of nihilism,backwardness and the pathetic display of moral self-rightousness of the bitter and small-minded."Jmac.

7:06 PM  

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