Friday, July 14, 2006

Sixties Baby In A Bad Mooooooooooooood....


I'm aching for a real fight. You know. Brass knuckles. Bicycle chains. Zip guns. Rolls of quarters. Sharks and Jets.

Us against them.

Wimpy Dems? Just stay on the porch and watch as your boys kick some ass. We might be outgunned, but we will NOT be outmanned. Many more of us are pissed off than them.

I want to kick someone smack in the balls. I want broken noses and bloody mouths.

I know I'll get hit, too. But that's okay. I took it before and I'll take it again. I'm an old son of a bitch. Cunning and guile - and righteous anger - will go along with my still functioning arms and legs to make me victorious. This may be my last fight. But it will, BY GAWD, be my best fight.

Its time, people. No more 'reaching out'. No more bipartisanship. If that's what you want, then stay there. On the porch.

We MUST get it done and get it done now. This is a fight that is long overdue. This fight started in 1994. Newt. Remember him? 1994. Remember Richard Mellon Sciafe? Remember Ken Star? Remember them? They kicked our ass. Rove, Cheney, Bush? They just reaped the benefits of the '94 dustup. They're chumps. We can take them.

Paybacks are hell and I want to put a whole ton of hell on their asses.

Fuck 'nice'. Fuck 'fair'.

I REALLY want a fight. I want them DOWN.

Who's with me? (Husb2Sparkly)

This poor wittle kid! Yeahyeahyeah...power to the people, down with pigs, viva la revolution!, yay Che!, hell no, we won't go! and all that....yawnzzzzzzz. This guy is trying to get back the blissful lost adolescence he left behind in the sixties, but never outgrew.

Just like David Horowitz said in "Destructive Generation", these types want to always begin--and by first tearing down. I hear nothing about the middle of the journey, or the end. It's all about tacking some signs together, finding a meme to concentrate on, and launching their bitch.

What in the heck did they EVER accomplish that way? This nutbar sure ISN'T talking about Hizbollah, the terrorists, the muslims, the insurgents. WE'RE the only enemy to him.


Blogger Warren said...

Sounds to me like someone watched "Fight Club" one too many times.

10:58 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

And he says he's in his 50's now, too!

11:38 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

Where's he at? I'd LOOOOOVE to give him the opportunity to express his anger. People like him are beyond help, but not punishment. :-)


8:40 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

Someone should make sure this "hero" spoiling for a fight should carries ID and phone numbers of his next of kin.

Some conservative will shove those brass knuckles so far up his important end he'll be wearing them as nose rings.

But, let's face it, bagging groceries all day would make you a little angry at the world, too.

11:16 AM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

That's a great answer PS! LOL!


1:44 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

He's over at DU, guys. His name is "Husb2Sparkly" and he's a registered dimwit. I'd say have at him, but he'll whine to Skinner the minute you're on the board and they'll throw ya off. All the 'name deleted' you see on that thread was lil' ol' me!;-)

5:26 PM  
Anonymous prairiemain said...

You are the Mistress of DU without a doubt.

You know what's sad, Donal?

None of the moonbats truly know what oppression is like. None of them have ever been whisked away in the middle of the night and subjected to true torture because someone somewhere is suspicious. They've never had to cling to life in a frozen gulag like Solzhenitsyn. In North Korea, failure is a "crime" and the whole family is punished. The country is dotted with torture camps in which entire families are brutalized, starved then either shot or worked to death. Not a single DU'er has ever had to go without a meal for more than a few hours. The worst torture they've experienced is finding nothing but reruns on TV.

They are naive kids who would not last an hour in the jungle outside this great country.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly prairieson.They're trust-fund babies most of 'em.The rest would be howling for mom and the protection of the US if ever they found themselves in one of the socities they so loudly champion.Its always fun to play the ''oppressed revolutionary'' game from the comfort and safety of the US.Disgusting.As my oldest brother,a former marine Corp officer always says of them,"They ain't worth the powder it would take to kill 'em.Johnnymac.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...


They call my generation "Baby Boomers" and, sadly, some in my generation raised this generation of "Baby Whiners".

You are so right about playing revolutionary -- they wear Che Gueverra T'shirts and they would be the first shot if someone like Che ever took over. Or tortured to death.

They are babes in the woods when it comes to the realities of the world.
Truly clueless.

3:19 PM  
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