Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Incredible D'Rat Fairy Tale Hysteric...

FROM DU: Fantasy Is Much More Palatable Than Reality

What Are Better Ways To Kill Americans?

Liquid bombs are puny compared to what real terrorists could do to this country. My greatest fear is that 10 or 20 jihadists looking to go to heaven for their 72 virgins would,"go to the countryside and find some super-mega high energy transmission lines" destroying the electrical power grid that supplies electricity to tens of millions of homes,businesses, etc.

Does that sound far fetched? Think it can't be done? Remember Oceans 11?

It was just 3 short years ago August 14 2003 that the power went out along the Eastern seaboard knocking out power to 50,000,000 people. Fortunately most power came back within 24 hours and no real cause for what had happened was determined. How would 100,000,000 Americans act without electricity for 30 days? I'm too scared to think of the kinds of riots that would ensue. The rich would be OK in their ivory towers complete with generators but what of the average joe's and jane's?

Liquid bombs, sorry but that doesn't top 911 and for all we know about these al-queda/neocon types they need to one-up 911. Plus, could 10 pyromaniacs set the West on fire? Or, how about CBS who last year ran a story on 60 Minutes about a Chlorine plant in the shadow of NYC (12 miles away) with the gates open and a dozen chlorine tanks (10'ft. tall) just waiting to be destroyed allowing for a cloud of gas that would be upon NYC in minutes possibly KILLING millions. I called CBS about that and chewed them out.

I bet some of you DU-er's could even top my worst fears and if so, please do. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to post this because the liquid bombers were taking too much air time. (DemInDistress)

It's much easier for the DU crowd to believe all this made up crap--no matter how farfetched--than the reality that is right before their eyes. 'Oceans 11' is possible to them--but terrorists planning to bomb airliners is nothing but a plot of George W. Bush, the BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire), and the rest of the 'PNACers'!

Yep... Even though they've seen those same airliners rammed into buildings right before their eyes, they can't believe it now because the terrorists didn't resist enough when caught, the bombs were 'too small', or there's better ways to kill Americans!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do you think this little ranting weasel would do something to protect the country he lives in from such an attack? The one he so gleefully thinks could happen? These kids seem on one hand to hate America,and they do,but then statements like this kids could be thought to have some sentiment,almost,FOR the country. Again,its all the hypocrisy and contrdiction,sometims in a single sentence with this bunch thats truly astounding. J'Mac.

7:27 AM  
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