Thursday, August 10, 2006

DU: The Stupidest Post Of the Day

FROM DU: The Stupidest Post Of the Day

Hear me out, damn it. I bet that at least once a week or more somewhere in this country some joker who has an outstanding warrant for traffic tickets or back support or who gets caught in the act of doing something stupid decides he is going to barricade himself somewhere and shoot it out, or threaten to shoot it out, with the police, or decides to try to run for it in a car or on foot. Yet in all these "terrorism" cases we never hear of anybody making a break for it or resisting arrest in the slightest.

Since these terrorists all "hate us for our freedoms" and want to be martyrs so they can get up to heaven and do the nasty with those virgins, why is this? Since any "real deal" terrorist with knowledge of a plot can expect to be rendered and tortured, and probably would spill the beans, why the hell would they not fight to the death to avoid capture? Why do they go quietly? It can't be good for Al Queda recruiting to see these guys being hauled off meekly to the pokey and I doubt Osama would approve. Why would someone who is willing to blow up an airplane while he is on it and kill hundreds think twice about engaging in a fight to the finish with the authorities?

Is it that they don't want to disturb the neighbors? Because they want to get their security deposit back at the end of the lease? Why don't these "evil ones" have cyanide capsules in hollowed out teeth? Do Muslims not read Ian Fleming? I will believe that true terrorists have been captured when I see some them put up at least as much resistance as the Symbionese Liberation Army did. (rzemanfl)

Oh, I see--they couldn't be terrorists--they didn't resist enough! LOL! What a dope!

How about they don't resist because 1) they don't expect to be caught--Allah is protecting them, surely--and, 2) anybody that would plant a bomb to do blameless others in is basically a passive-aggressive S.O.B. who isn't going to have intestinal fortitude with which to engage in a face-to-face fight?

This genius ever think of that? (Maybe he needs to watch more crime 'profiling' shows on the ol' cable station...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent points Verityink,all of them.Got to love that liberal line of reasoning,the "You aren't [fill in the blank] enough''Its amazing to see it transfered over to the be-headers.According to this pup,as you pointed out,their not ''terrorists'' enough.And this on a day when a horrible plot to destroy airliners in flight is uncovered.Just amazing.J'Mac.

5:38 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

The rest of the conversation about the terrorism over at DU is just as stupid....

5:46 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

Am I the only one who remembers a day when outright cowards were smart enough to just shut their damn pie holes!? These yellow-bellied cowards have constructed a whole poisonous anti war ideology just to make themselves feel better about not defending this country. They are pathetic, sniveling little pansies who make me sick!


6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing that all this could happen (9-11, Spain and UK Bombings, Bali, Kenya and all the Israeli homocide bombings) and these people are so intensely blind with hatred and ignorance concerning the US and the world that they would miss the obvious problem. How many times can you be attacked and not want to repsond?

Fools at best.

Phandancer from FPM

11:25 AM  
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