Monday, August 07, 2006

DU and Their Bush Derangement Syndrome

FROM DU: He's One Of the Most Evil 'Humans' To Ever Have Left A Slime Trail On This Planet

I don't for one minute think he's pulling the strings, or running anything. But I am sure as I can be that this amoral sociopathic slug has not integrity, decency, or feelings for anyone but himself. There is no moral wrong that he won't stoop to in order to play the 'big man' and fool himself into thinking that he isn't a failure.

Hate him? You betcha. (jackstraw45)

DU Chimes In:

--Got Pissypants? (photo from press conf. today)

--I just wanna get shitfaced and screw around with Condole.... I mean my wife.

--"Whoops I just shit my pants."

--See what happens when you shield a child from the consequences of their behavior? You get a kind of spoiled man-boy thing.

--Our glorious lead...uh, the guy in the White House. What he's still doing there is beyond me.

--Looks like his wife just caught him with Condi and Gannon in a 3 way...

--I have no sympathy for such an arrogant jerk, only for us who have to live with the effects of Bush Crime Family codependency.

--Looks to me like a person who realizes he has been fucking up...

--The visit from our President is not open to the public. There would be too many protesters. The liberals and the communists want to kill him.

This morning, I heard the President address a bunch of reporters out at his ranch. They were asking him questions about peace and Lebanon/Israel. The President spoke at some length about how democracy brings the best, most long-lasting peace--and that that is something all humans want--and that is what we're all working towards.

When they question whether all humans DO want that, he simply said that freedom is here for everyone. THAT is the man they hate...These people are BEYOND sick.


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