Monday, August 07, 2006

I Don't Think This Coward Has To Worry

FROM DU: I Don't Want My Kids & Grandkids Sucked Into the Neo Con Wars

My niece is going to Iraq in 6 months, I can't imagine the horror and stress I'd be going through if it was my daughter. I have three kids, all grown up, but all technically prime material for being soldiers if they so chose, or if it were forced upon them. I remember the draft all too well.

If this shit keeps escalating unabated, year after year, OUR sons and daughters and grandchildren will be sucked into the oil war vortex. I don't want that.I don't want recruiters tempting them and firing up their nationalistic, jingoistic zeal and patriotism for lies.

I don't want them to be targets, or torturers, or tortured, I don't want them to kill, or be killed so the neo cons can get an erection.The number of soldiers lost to the neo con wars will soon surpass 3,000, the same number lost on nine eleven. And about 20,000 horribly crippled G.I.'s will never be the same people again, they've lost eyes, genitals, minds, arms, legs, faces, and they will live in bitter agony for all their days, wasting away, hating themselves and their government for what they've done, and for what they've been made to do.

But the way things are going, this is going to go on for DECADES, and soon we'll look back at the paltry figure of 3,000 dead soldiers and fondly wish for the old days when it was only a small figure.

It took 58,000 dead soldiers before the Vietnam "conflict" was resolved, so let's do try to stop these miserable motherfuckers as soon as possible. (Philosoraptor)

This chicken-spined S.O.B. and his yellowstain spawn don't have to worry--they'd never have the GUTS or HEART with which to defend this country! And I know of NO soldier that would trust them enough to want to fight along side of them! It takes strength to defend America and her allies--you have to know who you are and what you're about. This guy CLEARLY doesn't have what it takes (which makes him useless in my book!)


Blogger nanc said...

show me the effing oil!

why do they keep grasping at this straw? for G-d's sake, we are paying nearly $3.00 a gallon. where's the matherfargin' oil?

5:19 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

NANC And, truth to tell, Israel doesn't HAVE much oil...

5:25 AM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

Would you want this pasty waste of oxygen looking after your back on the battlefield?

Has this coward ever lifted anything more dangerous than a donut?

9:01 PM  
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