Monday, August 07, 2006

Reuters Admits Photo Fraud: Now What About Qana?

Reuters Admits Photo Fraud: Now What About Qana?
By Thomas Lifson

Stop the pixels! Caught red—handed publishing a fake photo, using PhotoShop or similar program to exaggerate the smoke rising from Beirut after an Israeli air raid, Reuters has withdrawn the picture.

As in the case of the Rathergate memo, credit goes to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs for devising a means to demonstrate the fraud. According to Charles, the fakery was "crude." Charles has in the past received an explicit death threat sent from a Reuters IP address. Perhaps a bit more careful screening of employees is in order.

The question arises, who exactly produced this fake photo? One Adnan Hajj received the initial photo credit. And guess what? The same man was one of the photographers at Qana!
Jawa Report has much more, as does Michelle Malkin. JR is showing other suspicious photos that come from Hajj or someone with a remarkably similar name.

We live in two different worlds, as the old pop song had it. One world employs local stringers who may well either be under the thumb of Hezbollah, Hamas, or other villainous groups, or who are outright partisans. But they claim to be objective.

The other world, that of internet journalists, acknowledges upfront their political perspectives, and goes after the truth, unafraid to raise and answer questions in a continuing inquiry.



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