Friday, August 18, 2006

Philosoraptor Is Being Stupid Again...

FROM DU: Don't Forget To Do Your Part and PANIC Today!

Just a friendly reminder to remember to panic at anything out of the ordinary today, we can all do our part by remaining panicky and hysterical between now and November.

And also please remember to fly off the handle at the slightest sound or newsflash, to instill a state of constant upheaval and paranoia in your children as well, someday they shall inherit all of our fears and horrors.

Most importantly, as a true patriot you should lose your cool and your composure while all those around you are remaining calm, its always better to join the panicky crowd and participate in the stampede than it is to keep your perspective and hide safely and selfishly off to the side.

Do your part for Uncle Sam and Uncle george, give into the herd mentality and PANIC on cue.Thank you and have a panicky day. (Philosoraptor)

Having a decent sense of caution, being more aware than usual, and being able to correctly identify an enemy or threat is a key survival tool in ANY kind of a world (but especially this one.) I say that as someone who lives only about a dozen city blocks from the Jewish Federation and the shooting we had here in Seattle a few days ago--AND as someone repeatedly called a 'Jew-lover' and 'Zionist' yesterday by the same D'RATS that Philosoraptor buddies up to at DU. You think I don't know what you people are all about?

Saying we are trying to instill 'panic' as an election device is stupid and dangerous. It's leaving us and yourselves unprotected--and that is worse than the supposed 'fearmongering' you so easily accuse us of doing.

The truth is, constantly telling the world our government is evil and doing bad things is fearmongering of your OWN doing. It's a lie that will generate more terrorism than the worst bomb scares we raise ever could.

The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. Foaming in the media that President Bush is dumb, or incompetant--THAT'S 'fearmongering'; it makes everyone insecure. Calling him 'Chimpy' and making constant references to impeachment--THAT makes us weaker, increases people's fears, heightens anxiety, and makes the entire WORLD more unstable. THAT'S 'fearmongering' and 'panic production'--and it just might work best--to help terrorism and the terrorists.


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