Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Party Of Shame Shows Itself Once Again

FROM DU: D'Rats Have No Compassion For Kidnapped Fox Journalists

--Somehow, I have trouble feeling any compassion for these particular "journalists".

--I'll squelch any ill-advised jokes for the moment.

--After all that FOX has done to help promote the war, and doing everything in their power to provide unbalanced coverage, that it's ironic that they would find themselves victims. Maybe I am a bit of a cynical bastard, though.

--Crocodile tears.

--Either they'll let him go soon, or he's dead. Bet the poor bastard wished he worked for some OTHER outlet other than the Dunce's favorite news channel....

--I don't think we'll see Rush or Bill O'Really's ass anywhere near the front lines in our lifetime. (If it was...) Rush or Bill O'Reilly, I probably wouldn't lose any sleep about, callous as that sounds, but they've created the same situation for others.

--Damn! Cheerleaders find themselves on the field getting roughed up!

--I don't care.

--I hate Faux News as much as the rest of you, and I too wouldn't mind if Hannity...

-- I really don't care one way or another about reporters that spread lies and propaganda. It's best to just ignore them. That is why, I really just don't care.

--When I first heard about this (this morning) the first thing that came to my mind was dirty tricks. What better way for FAUX to make their own news.

--I wonder how long before we'll be hearing and seeing stories like "Brave Journalists on the front lines." We'll never hear the end of this. Trust me.


Cantcha just feel the 'luv' from the Party Of Compassion and Kumbaya?


Blogger nanc said...

donal - they are NEVER going to wish us well in ANYTHING. nothing, nada, zilch, nyet - they're not built that way.

they are made for hatred - let them revel in it.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Cat said...

How can the Dems have no feeling for these journalists? Capture by these by "animals" almost surely means torture by "animals." Don't the Dems understand that they are the same in the "animals" eyes! The terrorists would not come to the U.S.A and only kidnap Republicans. Brighten up Demmies. You are an equal target!

10:45 PM  
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