Sunday, August 13, 2006

DU's List Of 20 Things For Which They Are 'Thankful'

FROM DU: Post Something Positive That You're Thankful For

--Ned Lamont defeated an incumbent in the primary, and did it fair and square.
--My desire to improve my health, and my ability to learn.

--Our senator (Feingold) headlined a fundraiser this week and I got to shake his hand.
--Ted Kennedy. Hits the nail on the head every time he speaks.
--The internet; that comes with a baloney detecter.
--John Edwards proving that not everyone from our state is a stupid RW hick!

--My big-heartedness right now is going out to Casey. I'm immenseley looking forward to his skewering of Mr. "Man on Dog" Santorum. Burn in Hell, you crazy fuckers... burn in Hell.
--I'm grateful for Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas.
--Open Source Software
--I am thankful for my husband who is going to be the best State Senator our district has ever had!
--I am thankful for families like saracat's. Running for office is tough for all involved.

--The weather here is absolutely beautiful - and less hot and humid!
--That 3 congressional seats could shift to dem, in Indiana this fall.
--I'm glad that Tom Harkin is one of our Senators here in the great state of Iowa. And it's a nice day today.
--I'm thankful that the RAND corporation suggested a new type of communication to the DoD.
--I'm thankful for 8 year Presidential Term Limits...
--I'm thankful that this year at Thanksgiving I can enjoy my meal knowing that WE have the power to check that motherfucker with Congress.
--I just learned this week that my candidate was a John Edwards delegate from WI in the 2004 primary - he worked on his Senate campaign when he was in grad school at UNC.
--The Internet.
--Our Dem Gov (Sebelius) is heavily favored to win re-election.

At no time did any of them mention they were thankful for our safe nation, beautiful country, freedoms, rights, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, our ending slavery/Hitler/Communist Russia, our elected government, freedom of religion, high standard of living, our medical care, our inate decency towards others, our fighting for freedom, liberty, and that same decency around the world, our education system, our freedom to travel and own land, our ability to have as many children as we want, our voluntary military, our very honorable police that keep us safe, our charity, our foreign aid, our constant help towards others, our wonderful allies around the world--particularly Australia, Canada, Britain, Japan, Poland, Israel, our friends, our families, our kids, our God, our fellow Americans--and that is the short list.

The long list includes not having to be a slave, or build pyramids with our lives, not wear a burqa, not be denied the right to live in a different city in which we were born, not be limited to one child and the others killed, not be allowed to leave this country or travel without a male watching over us, not be forced into an army, not crucified for our religion, nor impaled, not made to bow down to a Caesar or Ivan, not made to die for a Pol Pot, or forced to grow poppies or pick coca leaves all day, not be auctioned off for a bride price or 7 cows, or standing in rice paddies all day, with our private parts scraped off or covered up--or being raped to 'punish' our brother or dad.

I don't have to mind corn or sheep in the hot sun all day, or freeze in Afghan snow, or hide in Tibet. My husband doesn't have to dig ditches all day, or mine coal, come home wth brown lung or a ruined back. My mother wasn't a wartime 'comfort woman' and my dad didn't march at Bataan. I wasn't spending my young years in a Magdalen Laundry, I have no kids in an orphanage. I didn't suffer TB or polio--and I don't have 3-4 brothers and sisters with AIDS and no hope.

There is so much more we have to be grateful for; I'm sorry to come up with the short list I have when real life has been so much more--and less--for so many others, and throughout history. The rude, selfish list of the D'RATS is all the worse--they don't know how most of the world has had to live. They think they are all there is. Count your blessings--and don't make that same mistake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy gets nailed and hits his head. Everytime he drinks. Other than that,the guy sounds like a plate of beans negotiating its way out a cows rear end.J'Mac.

1:21 PM  
Blogger nanc said...

i'm extremely thankful for crispy, claussen kosher pickles!

you put up the best lines, donal.

3:07 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Thanks, Nanc! Ordinary gratitude just doesn't occur to them. They're either owed or they have the devine right of kings... (That's Ol' Splash--the King Of Chappaquiddick!)

6:34 PM  
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