Saturday, October 21, 2006

Authorities Deny Online Rumors Of Voter Purge

Authorities Deny Online Rumors Of Voter Purge
By Alex M. Parker

Rumors started by the influential liberal blog The Daily Kos claim that scores of frustrated Lorain County voters are learning they have been disqualified from voting due to minor glitches as part of a giant Republican scheme to purge voters from the rolls.
Not so, say county election officials.

Voters can't be purged in one election cycle, there are no pending challenges to voter registration, and yesterday at the elections board, there were only a few early voters -- none of whom were disqualified.

Elections board Chairwoman Marilyn Jacobcik said the rumor seems to have come from mailings the board sent to registered voters in September as part of the new requirements set by the state legislature. The letter informs the voters of their polling place and new voting requirements, and also verifies addresses. But voters who have moved and don't receive the mailings can still vote if they have a valid photo ID.

If they don't have identification, they can still vote with a provisional ballot.''No one will be denied a ballot,'' said Jose Candelario, executive director of the board.Said Jacobcik: ''There are groups out there trying to create mistrust of the system.''



Anonymous z said...

I mentioned to a Republican friend this week that I got an absentee ballot this time because I couldn't stand seeing the guys who suddenly popped up last election....there they were, standing up, seemingly guarding the oldster precinct helper types who're usually there....I couldn't help wondering where these two Ben and Jerry's rich hippie types came from, and suddenly a guy walked in to vote, the oldsters said his name wasn't on the roster and he said it was because he moved and to PLEASE let him vote.....the Ben and Jerry guys said "ya, it's fine...let him vote". I was waiting for my neighbor to finish voting so I witnessed the whole thing...said to "Ben" "listen, he's not registered and you let him vote?" He said "Ya, he was..he had what he needed to vote" And I said "NO, he didn't! I saw the whole thing!" He looked me straight in the eye and said "don't you think EVERYONE should be allowed to vote!?" I said "I sure don't!" After which he gave me the evil eye and I left in a rage. Didn't want to go through that again so I already voted absentee.......
So, I mentioned this to a friend this week and her eyes popped open, and she said "I can't believe you said that...our precinct suddenly had two rich looking hippie types, too! I hadn't thought of it in a long while...isn't that weird!?"

I couldn't help thinking how UNweird it was and how the Left's always ragging on conservatives rigging voting. There was NO doubt in my mind these creeps were up to no good, and I couldn't help but wonder where this unregistered guy went next to vote and pull the same thing. With those young hippie types running the shebang, it shouldn't be tough for ANYONE to vote as many times as they long as it's THEIR way.

Be aware, folks........this is so not funny.


8:17 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

Goes back to "bread and circuses". The corruption is very blatant, they have no shame anymore! I haven't seen anything like that at my precinct, ut it is only a matter of time!
I live near an AF base, lots of folks working at the Cape, we tend to be conservative. But anytime now...


3:48 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Did you report it to anyone--anyone Republican?

9:14 AM  
Anonymous z said...

YOu know, D, I didn't report it...I knew I could never prove anything.......the guy was gone, I never heard his name........perhaps that feeling of complete and utter disgust and impotence is why I never want to vote in person again....I just can't face that feeling again..(heck, I have to face that feeling every time I stupidly put CNN on...that's ENOUGH for me!! SMILE!!!!!) xxx z

1:46 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

I've noticed that the Dems ALWAYS acuse Republicans of the EXACT things that they themselves are guilty of. So when they acuse Republicans of voter fraud, two things are happening.

1. They are busily scheming to stuff ballot boxes, vote multiple times, and roust those dead voters for one more go round. We caught and prosecuted Dems here in FL in the 2000 election with stuffed boxes on the FL turnpike. These speeding fools must have failed the "chad reading and divining course" at Miami-Dade Community College. They were members of the Rainbow-Push Coalition if memory serves. Why didn't Dan Rather run with that?

2. They are hard at work diminishing expectations for the upcoming elections. Guess these elections are gonna be a HELL of a lot closer than you idiot ballot box stuffers thought eh?!

It must be tough believing in a religion whose only god is the all-powerful state. Here's a bit of advice to the left. The ends DO NOT justify the means!


4:40 PM  

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