Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Feeling...

"Poverty Camp" Shows Leftist Emphasis On Feelings Over Impact

Why would any well-meaning citizen deride the widely-acclaimed “Poverty Camp” program in Ceres, California that allows privileged American teenagers to experience some of the hardship and destitution of the developing world?

On my radio show today I made dismissive comments about this enterprise in order to expand on the same point featured in yesterday’s blog (about the recent SUICIDE FOR PEACE by a lefty activist in Chicago): that contemporary liberalism often exalts feelings above results, intentions above impact. While conservatives will try to measure a private action or public initiative based on the way it affects other people or changes the world at large, leftists emphasize the sincerity or emotion that motivated the behavior–regardless of its consequences broader, long-term consequences.

Leave it to the flipdips in California to dream up this one--and in one of the wealthiest areas, too! Gary Condit lives, or lived, in Ceres...


Anonymous Arthur said...

The Chandra Levy Gary Condit?

11:51 AM  

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