Monday, November 06, 2006

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The Only Issue This Election Day

There is only one issue in this election that will matter five or ten years from now, and that's the War on Terror.

And the success of the War on Terror now teeters on the fulcrum of this election.
If control of the House passes into Democratic hands, there are enough withdraw-on-a-timetable Democrats in positions of prominence that it will not only seem to be a victory for our enemies, it will be one.

Unfortunately, the opposite is not the case -- if the Republican Party remains in control of both houses of Congress there is no guarantee that the outcome of the present war will be favorable for us or anyone else.

But at least there will be a chance.


Anonymous prairieson said...

The polls are all over the place today. I cannot recall a time when the polls were this wacky (unless one considers the polls of 1994 which were way off). FNC is calling it for the Democrats in the House. Paul at PowerLine is almost predicting the GOP will lose both the Senate AND the House. In some, the GOP is "surging" and in others the Democrats retain a 15 point lead overall.

But polls aren't the vote and that is what counts. If every conservative who is able votes the Republicans will do just fine tomorrow.

If the Dems take the House, I won't be happy but I think I could get used to the idea of the Dems and Republicans at each other's throats for the next two years. When they're busy fighting each other they don't have time to screw us over. Bush has the veto and the Senate will still have too many Republicans for the Dems to make too much mischief.

But I don't think it will go that way -- the GOP will lose no more than one Senate seat and no more than 8 House seats.

Just call me Alec Baldwin if I'm wrong.

12:59 PM  
Blogger phandancer said...

All I really care about is that the House remain in Republican control because I do not want Pelosi third in line.

1:19 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

DONAL I agree that The War is the most important issue, but I can easily think of two issues that are a close second.

The near retards who go by the label Democrat can't help but raise taxes, it's what they do. Damn all evidence to the contrary, they want to punish the eeeeevil rich people. This is the single best way to slow down the economy.
G-d forbid that they would implement the FairTax and propel the economy into overdrive. They wouldn't DREAM of getting rid of the IRS.

Also these idiots are pushing hard for CLONING HUMAN BEINGS in Missouri. That's the ad MJFox was pushing and Rush called him on. They are trying to sneak it in, calling the State Amendment a referendum on stem cell research! This is a sin of astonishing depth and dimension. Can you imagine standing in front of Him when your time comes and trying to explain why you thought it was moral and right to destroy a human life to save your own. How would it sound? "But G-d I thought that this embryo wasn't a human yet. I had to keep up my mortgage payment and I had a 10K road race I was hoping to run next year, and my wife and I had plans to go to Aruba with my bonus and all I needed was this kid's liver..."

G-d save us from the Michael J. Foxs' of the world.


3:58 PM  

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