Saturday, December 09, 2006

David Frum Properly Thumps Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Uses the "Kerry Excuse"

I read Andrew Sullivan's book, The Conservative Soul, in galleys. At the time, it seemed to me too insubstantial to merit much comment. The book reminded me of an old jibe (was it Arthur Balfour's?) about Winston Churchill's book on the First World War: "Winston has written a great big book about himself and called it The World Crisis."

The Conservative Soul is an excellent summary of the more or less random political preferences of one Andrew Sullivan, Esq. As political thought, however, the book seemed ... shall we say unsophisticated? And as a guide to political action it offered little of practical use - not even any clues by which to predict Andrew's next whirligig change of mind.


Anonymous bobcat said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dandy Andy got his'n!

4:25 PM  

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