Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heh he he...the Rainmaker!

Gore Taking Heat for Global Warming

Strangely, wherever Mr. Gore travels about the world sounding the alarm it suddenly turns bone chilling cold and mounds of snow pile up. But not to worry, say his supporters who explain that, those bitter cold fronts are the result of guess what . . . global warming! It would appear that the warmer the earth gets, the colder it gets. If it gets any warmer we'll all freeze to death.


"Call it the Gore Effect — the uncanny ability of the world's most famous global warming alarmist to cool any place he tours . . . this has happened to the former U.S. vice-president and narrator of "An Inconvenient Truth" rather a lot.



Anonymous bobcat said...

This man is a BOOB!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous john said...

Those snowstorms were just flukes.

12:50 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

JOHN, I might be tempted to agree with you--IF Algore actually knew anything about science.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous prairieson said...

Any weather is a "fluke".

Even if there IS a global warming situation, there is no evidence that humans are contributing to it.

That is what makes Al Gore and his kind so dangerous.

It is not that it's a socialist cause masquerading as an environmental issue but that it could jeopardize recognition of an actual climate swing we might want to know about.

If there is any so-called "global warming" it is most likely caused by a sun cycle (even tiny dips in solar output have a global effect on earth over time) or geologic event over which we humans have NO control. But we might want to know about it in case we need to address the issue, just like we would if we knew a huge asteroid was headed our way (even if the only "plan" is to climb under the desk, bend way over and kiss patootie goodbye).

By making this an issue of "human fallibility," when there is absolutely no firm evidence of such, and an excuse to redistribute the wealth rather than as something that requires careful, ongoing scientific measurement is the utlimate in irresponsible behavior.

Someone recently suggested that those who deny "global warming" should be charged and tried just as if they had denied "The Holocaust" (in some countries it is a crime to publicly deny the Holocaust).

Better yet, those who insist on politicizing science should be taken out back at sunrise and shot -- several times. Our descendents will cheer us.

1:22 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

They actually equate it with the Holocaust?????????????????? Jeez, those are, no doubt, the same batch that thinks humans are despoiling the earth and we should all die out and leave it to the animals!

2:22 PM  
Blogger JINGOIST said...

We should really worry about pols like Gore. If he is a true believer in the pap he spouts, the difference between him and the Iranian Scratchmadinnernads is very small indeed. Call it a choice of religion.

If he knows better and is aware that any eartly temperature fluctuation is due to the sun, he's just a carnival con man who would say or do anything to gain power.

G-d save this great Republic from the likes of Algore the buffoon!


4:23 AM  

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