Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kofi Says Goodbye

Annan To Blast U.S. In Farewell

In a farewell speech on U.S. soil today, retiring United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan plans to deliver a tough critique of President Bush's policies. He will accuse the administration of trying to secure the United States from terrorism in part by dominating other nations through force, committing what he termed human rights abuses and taking military action without broad international support.

FYI: Dominating other nations through force is the ONLY way to answer an aggressive strike against us--which 9/11 and Saddam's threats, and his move to develop WMD's, certainly was. (Any other 'response' is called weakness!)

Those perpetually aggrieved will always complain about our so-called 'human rights abuses' (and if not those, they'll invent others).

And WHEN IN THE HELL DID WE HAVE TO ASK THE WORLD'S PERMISSION TO DEFEND OURSELVES? No other nation has to do that! They're trying to PC us unto our own death!


Anonymous z said...

Why can he blas US, yet we somehow shirk from telling the truth about him? What about Food for Oil and the implications he was involved? What about not helping in areas which need help, like Darfur? Why blast America for doing nothing there when it's more legally a UN problem, not OURS? Why not saying "where the hell was the UN on this war in Iraq? Why haven't you helped us more?" Not to mention rumors of wrong doing by this guy and his son.

Are we WRONG? They find WMD traces in Iraq, Conservatives got excited, and nothing came of them. That Iraqi Gen. swore that Saddam moved WMD's to Syria, and the story died.

Everything the Dems bring up sticks and resonates for eternity...anything Republicans bring up dies a weak little death never to be heard of again.

Annan comes out as the perfect leader of the free world. Carter's story about lying in his book was big for twenty minutes and THAT's died somehow, just to make sure all his fans buy this book for CHristmas...he gets rich on lies.

Seems like the Left always wins. And, sometimes, it's like we're handing it to them on a platinum platter. We all know the msm is run by why doesn't FOX, this SUPPOSEDLY conservative answer to the constant leftist barrage DO something? Man, we are being SO hosed, folks. z

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This mendacious,theiving,anti-American,terrorist-loving dirt-bag has the nevre to call my nation an aggressor nation,in our own country. If it was for America and this demon-child we created called "The Untied Nations'',this a-hole would be signing a different tune in some African cesspool or quitely would have been sold into slavery by some bunch of Muslims. Screw him. Johnnymac

2:39 PM  

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