Friday, February 09, 2007

DU's Hate-Fest On the Death Of Anna Nicole Smith

DU's Hate-Fest On the Death Of Anna Nicole Smith

--Who cares?

--Is there no real news?

--Makes me wish for the days when everything in the world wasn't printed or televised.

--I think it was Jon Stewart that said Entertainment news is neither entertainment nor news. Classic Stewart.

--Media makes a big deal about things that appear to be major and rare only because it wasn't readily available to the public in the old days.

--It really is a 'who gives a damn'.

--Sorry, I'm not into National Enquirer cover girl bimbo drug head attention whores.

--This news from Iraq, via the Jawa Report, should be top story. But since Anna Nicole Smith died, it won't get the coverage it deserves ...

--It really is easy to make fun of Anna Nicole Smith.

--Let's face it, she sure wasn't the second coming of Albert Einstein. She also had oversized appetites for both drugs and food.

--I have no particular care for her, never really knew much except for the horrible stuff I saw on TV.

--Good freakin' grief.... enough of Anna Nicole 'effing" Smith!!

--The woman was a damned train wreck from the word go. It was bad enough hearing about her when she was alive, but now THIS? Ugh. I think I'll tune back into the MSM in a week or so after the Dead Anna Fest is done and over with.

--How dare you feel anything but contempt or total indifference for that creature.

--The true sign of the sickness of our society is that Anna Nicole Smith HERSELF is not considered a sign of the sickness of our society.

The party of luv and compassion strikes again. I can't imagine what they have against her. I guess it's just their too well-known propensity for hate that they can't treat her better than this the day after she has died a tragic death. One poster was commenting on what an orgy of hate they had upon the death of Bob Hope in 2003! I couldn't imagine what they had against him either! These folks are sick.


Anonymous z said...

"The true sign of the sickness of our society is that Anna Nicole Smith HERSELF is not considered a sign of the sickness of our society."

I can't really disagree with this one too much. Just would be nice to wait at least 24 hours before they start slamming a person who met an untimely death. I find her a terrible example to Islam about the excesses of our society. I find her a pitiful character and I wish she and people like Paris Hilton didn't seem so very interesting to so many Americans...

8:41 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Actually, to me, it said more to me about her own personal pathology rather than being any sign of our society.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous bobcat said...

The unkindness of these people is not to be believed!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous z said...

Donal, I think the reaction to her death is definitely a sign of our society. Other than the fact that a woman far too young died, one who left behind a small baby, and one whose death deserves investigation and resolution, the coverage we've been given is outrageous, making her seem more like an expresident or great author than a woman who bilked an old guy for his money and practically took her clothes off at every photo shoot.........I think her death is profoundly sad, but not deserving of the media coverage.

I think Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband saying "...the father's baby could be one of TWENTY men, including me, she didn't sit home doing nothing.." pretty much encapsulates her life. That she'd have such an unclassy man who could say something like this about an exlover says it all, poor thing.

By the way...who KNEW Zsa Zsa is still alive!??

8:19 AM  

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