Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Famous Literary Atheist

Another Famous Literary Atheist
By Mary Grabar

He is a man convinced that he is right and he is very angry that most of the world refuses to recognize it.

One person he hates in particular is Jerry Falwell whom he called an “ugly little charlatan” and “bully and fraud” on the day of his death. He began his interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper by proclaiming, “I think it’s a pity there isn’t a hell for him to go to.” Christopher Hitchens, sophisticate and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, joins Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins and others who have written bestsellers claiming that religion causes hatred. His is called God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

That’s the thing about atheists: They greet death with great relish and glee. Along with their loss of an overall sense of sanctity goes their respect for the sanctity of the occasion. I imagine they have the neighborhood gossips giving the dirt over their own mothers’ ashes. Or upon the death of a spouse, perhaps they quickly dispense of the body and resume the pursuit of their next pleasure, which is the only solace they have in their little kingdoms of one.

The twentieth-century was one of the reign of terror by atheists. On a global scale we have seen this in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, and numerous principalities around the globe.

But before such egomaniacs come into power the groundwork has to be laid by such “progressives.”



Anonymous bobcat said...

Interesting that there's a little more to this 'God' business than these people think...

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