Monday, May 14, 2007

Fred Thompson Gives A Heck Of A Speech!

First Principles First
By Fred Thompson

(The Following speech was delivered to the meeting of the Council for National Policy on Saturday, May 12, 2007.)

One thing about folks knowing you are going to speak at the Council for National Policy, you get lots of advice as to what to say. A lot of good advice. Good talking points. In fact enough for several speeches. Also, some of your friends, knowing that you are thinking about running for President, urge you to give a rousing campaign speech.

Hopefully there will be an opportunity to do all of those things but tonight instead of all of that, I want to talk a little about what should be the origin of all those talking points. This would be the principles on which they are based — first principles. The principles you have been defending since 1981.

For Americans, these are found in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They include a recognition of God and the fact there are certain rights that come from Him and not the government. They are based upon a respect for the wisdom of the ages, and a belief that human beings are prone to err; that too much power must never rest in too few hands. The result is a system of checks and balances and a separation of powers that flow from our guiding documents and from the rule of law.

Finally, if we want to change or alter these concepts or any provision in the Constitution, we are given a specific method to do that — by Constitutional Amendment.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it sounds like the script from one of his movies or maybe Law & Order, Republican Victims Unit.

I fear that we will vote for another image rather than substance. Yes, he is a decent character actor but he was a mediocre senator at best.

- Boxer

4:42 AM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Boxer--I'd take him over the entire Dem lot. Some men--like Rudy--aspire to the position to which they get elected. They rise to the occasion. I think Fred's already there; I know you Lefties won't ever see it. Your idea of a real man is John Edwards! ROFLMAO!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phandancer from FPM support other 'mediocre senator at best'?

Fred Thompson has spent his life (prior to movies) being himself and speaking his mind. That cannot be said for the current stage of Dem charlatans.

I would vote for him over any Democrat nominee.

Oh yeah...'image over substance'...were you referring to Clinton, Obama and Edwards?

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy was a hero on 9/11 because Bush was peeing his pants. If Bush had half the brains, guts and saavy of Giuliani this would be a much better and safer world.

Although putting the "crisis center" in the same building that was attacked in 94 was kind of stupid... And all of the money he made since 9/11 as a 'security expert' is just tasteless. That is the same thing as saying someone who just got robbed is a robbery prevention expert. Sorry, but his 'yuck' factor is very high.


9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...I'd easily vote for fred over all the others...

10:51 AM  

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