Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Judge Considers Terror Charges Against Eco-Arsonists

Judge Considers Terror Charges Against Eco-Arsonists
Associated Press

A federal judge ruled Monday that 10 convicted eco-saboteurs could be designated terrorists, but that doesn't mean she will give them that label.

Federal prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken last week to declare the string of 20 arsons in five Western states by a cell of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front to be terrorist acts, qualifying the defendants for longer sentences and tougher prisons under federal guidelines.

Aiken, in a ruling obtained by The Oregonian and Register-Guard newspapers, said the guidelines allow her to consider imposing a "terrorism enhancement" on the convicted defendants. But Aiken ruled that she would listen to arguments at each sentencing before deciding whether a terrorism enhancement may be applied to a particular defendant.



For all you members of the Democrat party who wonder where the news stories are about out-of-control Dems, here's a little article about the Leftists in the Pacific northwest who DID make the news.

This is the same group that let the minks out out of a mink ranch and got thousands of them killed (and ruined a family buisness), burned up several new houses, completely trashed a University of Washington research lab on campus, and spikes trees so that our loggers get hurt.

As you can see, Les Ismore, our cops have a few more things to worry about than keyed cars and bullet-holed windows. (And the Dem-vandals seldom hang around with "I shot the windows out of 7th and Pike" or "I just keyed your car" T-shirts on, waiting to be arrested... no, not too many hands raised there...)

But, then, even John Murtha, Peterson, Pelosi, DiFi, Kennedy, McGreevy etc. don't think they've ever done wrong, either...


Anonymous bobcat said...

Hey, I'm not too far south of you here in Eureka, CA. We've certainly had our share of news about the tree spikers. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past the Dem rads!

9:35 AM  
Anonymous cassie said...

Les won't even bother to look at this thread, that's how he avoids 'seeing' any proof of what we say.

10:59 AM  

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