Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mexico Boos America...

Mexicans Boo Miss USA/America
By Julie Watson

Many here south of the border reveled in her disastrous evening: First Miss USA Rachel Smith slipped and fell on her bottom during the Miss Universe evening gown competition. Then she was booed by hundreds in the Mexican audience.

The treatment of the Tennessee beauty queen was nothing personal. It had more to do with Mexico's sometimes tense relationship with its powerful northern neighbor.

U.S. athletes have sparked a similar response. In 2005, when the U.S. played Mexico during a World Cup soccer qualifier, the crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a smattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" during the game.

Smith was booed repeatedly during her stay in Mexico, including last week, when she carried a guitar and wore an Elvis-style suit during a parade of national costumes held in downtown Mexico City.

She kept her poise during an interview Monday night with pageant judges, despite the boos and chants of "Mexico! Mexico!" that drowned out her answer.


I posted this because of an email dear ZinLA sent me this morning and the others at our clubhouse seconded it. The idea that people who are trying to sneak into this country--and from whom they want cradle-to-grave entitlements AND AMNESTY-- would even dare to boo us is ridiculous!

Please, if you disagree or dislike us that much, you can best show it by not coming here to bad-mouth us, boo at our people and policies, and sponge off our government.

Thank you, ZinLA, for pointing out this absurdity and bringing us this!


Anonymous bobcat said...

I wish they felt sufficiently motivated by their dislike not to come here...

1:38 PM  
Blogger The Merry Widow said...

It shows the complete disdain and contempt they feel towards us, after all, we aren't TRYING to keep them out! They think we are so weak and stupid(unfortunately, they may be right)they have the RIGHT to be parasites!


4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexicans are nothing more than thieves and arrogant beggars. Mexico is the most corrupt nation in the Western hemisphere. At every level,socio-economic, politicaly and culturally Mexico is a class-ridden,racist and violent cesspool whose people are NOT hardworking and NOT honest as is evidenced by the obvious facts I stated above and by their behavoir in this article. Every Mexican is a practiced con artist, thief and liar. It's a nation were its leaders steal everything in sight and blame the US. Added to this is the monumental,unbelieve gall of Mexicans, who run away from their country rather than fix it, break into ours believing they've a historical and God given right to do and demand, Demand! we give them every right and privelge of citizens. Mexico has never been a friend or ally of the Untied States. Mexico has NEVER ONCE helped to defend the freedom of the nation they literally risk their lives to get to and yet openly despise. This is particually galling considering this has been Memorial Day week-end. A wretched, thieving piss-mire of a country thats exports its poor, its responsiblity, onto another nation and then bites the hand that feeds it deserves no respect and certainly no rights any civilized nation like America bestows on its citizens. Mexico dosen't confer rights onto those who violate its borders. All of us should and must keep the pressure on our congress and Senate to make sure they don't try and sneak an amnesty by us. Its important to remember that the root word of '''amnesty'' is ''amnesia'', to forget. Well, I not forgetting what Mexico AND our own politicans are trying to pull and don't any of you! J'Mac.

4:30 PM  
Blogger FLORIAN said...

I really do......................These people are classless, and have no marketable skills whatsoever. Why even try to reason with a people with the IQ of water temperature?

4:38 PM  
Blogger VerityINK said...

Well, Florian, you've lived there--you'd know it all from first-hand experience with them...

J'MAC--You seem a little riled... LOL!

8:07 AM  

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